Monday, June 15, 2009

There and Back Again

The girls and I took a weekend off to go to visit family in Iowa. (Hubby stayed home to supervise Hockeyman, who had to work all weekend. No wild teen parties in HM's future.) It was the one year anniversary of The Flood in Cedar Rapids and my Mom and Sister were having open houses to thank all the workers and volunteers that helped them rebuild their homes.

It was wonderful to see their "new" homes in all there fresh and shining glory.

However, while Mom's away, the cats will play. This little snapshot was sent to my phone while I was in Iowa.

I fought the yarn and the yarn won.


Guinifer said...

They were just teasing you, weren't they?

As a side note, where did Hockeyman find a job? My Teen was unsuccessful.

Sheepish Annie said...

Such a cute picture!!

Glad to hear that your family has rebuilt and is doing well. How nice that they wanted to thank the volunteers!

Ellen said...

Was there a trip to the vet after the yarn regurgitating began?

It's nice when family can get together to rejoice.