Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Progress of a non-fiber sort

Work has been happening around here, in spite of the lack of blog postings of late. Alas, they're mostly home improvement projects, instead of fiber arts. The stucco guys finished up yesterday on the final coat of stucco. I am pleased with the look, even without the shutters that will be installed later this week. Some electrical hook ups and shutters installed and the outside projects will be completed. Just in time, too, since we have had two (count them, TWO) snowfalls so far this past week. It's not cold enough for snow to stick around more than a day or so, so the still green lawn is somewhat deceiving. Trust me, winter is just around the corner.

I am still knitting but it is boring black blobbish stockinette on Dancing Diva's new ballet wrap. No photos because, well, it's just a bigger black blob. I have about 6 inches left on the body then I'll be heading out for Sleeve Island, to spend even more time stranded on boring black blobby knitting.

I have found one distraction to wile away the endless rows of black stockinette. After reading a few posts from a favorite blogging friend, I've learned about my complete unpreparedness for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. So I logged onto and have watching some training films. I've now seen Night of the Living Dead & The Last Man on Earth. I'm not sure the second movie qualifies as a zombie preparedness training film, because the antagonists are more like vampires than zombies but I'm sure that some of the same survival techniques work in both sets of emergency circumstances. The problem is, there seems to be a complete lack of governmental leadership about zombie apocalypse preparedness. There doesn't seem to be a color code system in place to indicate the level of danger these monsters pose and forget about finding a comprehensive list of training films on any of the government websites. If I were the conspiracy theorist kind of person, I'd think there was some kind of coordinated anti-information attack going on here.

So, if any of you are well-versed in the whole zombie preparedness field, shoot me a list of suitable training films for perusal. After all, I've got an awful lot of black stockinette to slog through and I might as well multi-task.


Rani said...

Too funny! Sleeve Island ha ha haaaaaaa.

I'm in pink raw hamburger colored sweater hell.

PS. Strange about the zombie apocolypse.(i didn't spell that correctly, did I). I had the most vivid dream about zombies. I was on vaca with my family in Maine and there were zombies coming into town and we just casually made our escape because the zombies couldn't walk very fast. They just shuffled down the street, so we had a last ditch cup of coffee and then slowly drove out of town. I remember thinking, "I wonder how long it will take them to reach Minnesota?"


Ellen said...

While I like a good spooky mystery and even a horror film or two (my favorite movie is still "Jaws") but this whole zombie thing has me stymied. I like an enemy that has a point. Dracula, Moriarity, Ripley.

Guinifer said...

Oh! Shawn of the Dead (or is it Sean?) Excellent!

I don't know how permissive you are with video games at your house - but Teen and his buddies play Call of Duty quite a bit and their favorite thing to do is battle Nazi Zombies. (shivers) It's scary!