Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Drive By Posting

I'm on my way out the door in 15 minutes to start the now normal craziness of our daily existence - namely, running kids to and fro, whilst knitting frantically in the spare minutes of waiting for them at one location or another.

So, rather than wait until I have #11 all finished, with tails woven in, buttons sewn on and blocked into lofty loveliness, it seemed prudent to share it with you now. I plan on doing all the weaving and button attaching on the road today. However, since it will be dark long before I get home again and my night time photography skills leave a lot to be desired, I figured you all would enjoy the unfinished version.

The yarn is Aslan Trends Del Cerro, purchased from Coldwater Collaborative on sale last spring. The buttons are also from Coldwater. The pattern is my own cardigan version of Amused by Jordana Paige. It was a super easy rewrite, in that I just didn't join the cables and kept knitting downward to make it a cardigan. I also lost the deep ribbed waistband and cuffs because that design feature just doesn't work on my rather buxom torso. I split the cuff so I'd have an excuse to add yet more lovely buttons to the sweater.

I love how the cables just pop in this yarn. However, it was not an easy yarn to use. It was a fairly loosely plied, 10-ply yarn. So it was super easy to split the yarn while manipulating the reversible cable stitches. I almost (ALMOST) abandoned cabling without a cable needle on this project because of the splittiness of the yarn.

I am debating the placement of the buttons on the collar. I am thinking that the collar might be wearable as a turtleneck, as well as in an open collar style.

Sweater Number 12 is in the knitting bag and nearing completion as well. I am working on the sleeves at the moment. After that, I have the hood to knit and then the cable band that will run up the front, over the hood and down the other side left. More fun cables to look forward to!

I do love cables but I'm in the mood for a change.

Fair Isle, anyone?


livnletlrn said...

Wow, that's quite the appealing transformation of a sweater that otherwise wouldn't have caught my eye for even a second. Perfect buttons too!

Guinifer said...

Did you do loops for the buttons?

Gail said...


trek said...

I love that sweater! And converting it to a cardigan worked out very well for you.

:: on my way to visit Ravelry to search the pattern db ::

Rani said...

Oh, it's divine! What a beautiful work of art.

Say heck yeah to the fair isle. . . woop woop

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely! I like it much better as a cardigan.

Rani said...

I finally got to the post office and mailed of some 'froggin' yarn to you! Enjoy!!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! That is lovely, but I can see why you might be ready to not cable for a while. I look forward to a little fair isle coming off your needles.