Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes I wonder whether becoming attached to our electronic "conveniences" is really beneficial. They are so wonderful and convenient . . . until they break down.

Case in point, computers.

Our home computer was infected by the most malicious and nefarious of viruses. Hubby spent days and days trying to track it down, kill it and immunize our computer against further infections. In the meantime, e-mail was not functional; internet was not available and even my online calendar was beyond reach. After a valiant battle, my beloved Hubby declared the old computer DOA and went shopping for a new one.

So, here we are, a week later, with a brand new computer, but without all my favorite blogs bookmarked. I had such a long and lovely list of favorite friends whom I would visit via blogdom and now I have to go out and recreate my favorites list.

If you haven't heard from me in awhile, feel free to pop in and comment. Then I can click my way back to your blog and re-enter it on my favorites list.

While I wait for long lost friends to check in, here is an update on the progress on TUSKAUFOFE. All three basic socks are finished and Dead Simple Lace Socks are on the needles. My plans to work on UFO's has not come to fruition, mostly because the weather here has been so beautiful that I've been out in the perennial garden, freshening and primping it for its annual spring bloom extravaganza. When I come back in, I'm just too tired to do more than knit a few rounds on a sock. Forget about figuring out where I left off on the pattern and finding energy to tackle a long dormant project. So, sock knitting is what is going to happen until the garden is all weeded and ready for showing off.

Then maybe I'll even find the energy to photograph all three pairs of the finished socks.

Now, I am going to take a couple pain relievers, put some cold compresses on my brand spankin' new sunburn and knit a few rounds on the socks du jour.



Lynne said...

Lorraine, this is just a suggestion: put the blogs you like on your Blogger Reading list (Blogs I'm following) then the list will be stored in cyberspace (at Blogger in this case) and you will be able to retrieve it from any computer. It's really not hard - follow the instrctions on your Dashboard. God bless. Lynne

livnletlrn said...

If you read blogs through Google Reader, it eliminates clicking through each one on your list and wasting time seeing ones that haven't been updated and they'll continue to be stored and searchable even if your computer crashes. I love Google Reader.

Otherwise, yeah, technology is great...when it works.

I'm in sock mode too.

Guinifer said...

Well I've missed you! We've had issues here as well, except two of our computers succumbed to old age. So old that the new ones wouldn't talk to our printers, etc!

I've been knitting during hockey playoffs!

Ellen said...

Oh, I can sympathize, although on a much lower scale. My email was hacked a few weeks ago. I had my IT Daughter check things out and luckily, no virus for me.

But it was awful worrying about things until I knew for sure, though.

Welcome new member of the F&F family!