Monday, September 12, 2011

Knitting Post - FINALLY

When Airman finished Air Force Basic Training, we received a packing list for civilian clothes he wanted.  Top of the list was a stocking cap.  Of course, I was not satisfied with sending 2 of his ready made hats.  I just had to knit him a new hat. 

So when an email from Patons came with this free pattern, I was inspired to use some of my sock yarn stash to whip out a light weight, breathable stocking cap, suitable for the hot weather in San Antonio, Texas.

Not only was this a quick, easy knit, but I fell in love with the mitered square shaping of the crown. Believe it or not, that was a new technique for me.  All in all, this pattern was the perfect inspiration to get me back in the mood to knit.  Lots of mindless knitting in the round with a little challenge at the very end.  (excuse the poor photo - the hat was in the mail before I realized what a bad picture I had taken)

Of course, with Airman being so far away, I had to use Peeps to model the new hat.  She wasn't too happy to be interrupted during school but she helped me out anyway.  Of course, she didn't put down her pencil or stop working the whole time. 

My Peeps is so happy to be back to work on homeschool.  I am blessed!


Lynne said...

Yay for Peeps! What a lovely surprise for Airman - it is indeed a cute hat!

Ellen said...

And I imagine Airman will have a lot less hair to tuck into it!

What a pretty hat!