Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Easy Garden Trellis

The Garden Fever 2011 continues to dominate my waking hours. And with the unseasonably warm weather this week, I was actually able to get out in the garage and start working on a new pet project.

I found this project in Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build and Grow. I purchased the supplies in early January, when the gardening bug was just too overwhelming to resist. The total cost for four 8 foot tall/2 foot wide trellises will be under $100.

I had the local lumber yarn cut the 10 foot pvc pipes down to 8 foot lengths. I then cut down the 2 foot lengths at home to accommodate the elbow joints and still fit within the 2 foot width of the trellis material.

I then used some fine grade sandpaper and removed all the print from the PVC pipes. Everything is now prepped and ready for gluing and assembly. Stay tuned for the next installment of Building o' the Trellis.

In weather news, we have had several days of above freezing temperature and little bits of grass are starting to appear around the edges of the yard. However, I am not getting myself too excited yet because the weather forecast for next week includes a significant (i.e. plowable) snow event.

Which is probably okay, since we have scheduled our spring break trip to a ski resort here in Minnesota and snow will probably be a good thing to have around.


Rani said...

Oh, come on!! That was just a teaser! I want to see the finished product. You are crackin' a can of whoop ass on that garden.

Annie Haven/Authentic Haven Brand said...

Wonderful vertical garden trellis project

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you plan to attach the trellis to the pvc pipe?

Unknown said...

Just go line and find the same project total and complete.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed..soap opera

Unknown said...

This is why I hate Pintrest more and more each time I visit.