Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ribbon Cardi Woes!

There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth today.

Brand new FO + hand wash cycle on washing machine = near disaster!

Ordinarily, my hand knits turn out fine, using this cycle on the machine. But, woe is me, this time . . .

I believe the problem occurred because I was lazy and stupid. No, don't make excuses for me. This foul up was because I took a moronic short cut and I need to pay for my crime.

I'm an experienced enough knitter to know that it is absolutely idiotic to allow a manufacturers mid-skein join to just fall where it may. My SOP is to remove the knot and make my join at a side seam. But my frustration and impatience with this yarn made me reckless. When I ran across one of those stupid joins, mid-row, I rationalized that it was a good, tight knot and the texture of the fabric would hide it effectively. I was not in the mood to tink back to the side seam and I have lived to regret it.

Well, now you know why I don't allow those knots to remain. UGGGGH!

But a little careful work with a couple crochet hooks and a yarn needle, a new knot, sewn into place with some sewing thread and we have a almost like new sweater.

The fabric has a tight row, that I'll need to do some judicious work on to distribute a little more to improve the texture but, all in all, a good save.

I promise to walk the straight and narrow from here on out. No more short cuts, no more laziness and no more cheating. I will never allow a join to fall within the fabric again (except on knitting in the round - because of course, there are no seams).

I need to go to my happy place now. Buh bye!


Sheepish Annie said...

I gasped when I saw the picture on the Bloglines view before I even read the post! My heart did that sinking thing...

But, I am more than impressed with your ability to go back and fix it. That took some skill! And it's always better to own the mistake in the long run. You learn a little something from the experience and it helps others to not make the same error.

Guinifer said...

Aaaah! But you rescued it in the end - you showed more valor & courage than I!

livnletlrn said...

Like the Sheepish One, I clicked over to tell you that first pic made me gasp. I'm so impressed that you dove right in and fixed it already -- and such a great fix-it job it is! Phew, that sweater has certainly been a challenging project. Good thing it looks so great on you and you can wear it with pride!!

Carissa said...

Oh no! You did a great job repairing the sweater. I'm glad that there wasn't more damage. I have a new zucchini recipe for you! You can e-mail me at chrysalisknits AT gmail DOT com and I'll be happy to send it along!

Rani said...

WOW! Talk about a test of patience. And I've learned something, too! So you don't just ignore and hide the knot? Good to know. I may have a few socks coming undone in the wash. How do you avoid it with socks (no seams)?

The color is beautiful!