Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fiber Temptations

It must be spring since I am battling a major case of startitis. I don't know why I get into these moods but I am starting to truly worry about my UFO/WIP status. The number of new projects started in the past month is staggering. And the total lack of FO's is humiliating.

Don't try looking at the sidebar to judge how bad it is. You see, I've been in denial and haven't been keeping up on the sidebar or posting about all the new projects sneaking into my TO DO pile. I guess if I didn't see the projects down in black and white on the blog, or see photographic evidence of my lack of stick-to-it-iveness, that maybe these UFO's would somehow evaporate.

However, today, after some deep soul searching, I faced up to the fact that I have a problem . I made the decision that I must finish at least 3 UFO's before starting anything new. I did a mental inventory of some of the items that are closest to being finished, made a note of anything that has a deadline attached and set a few goals for the rest of the month.

I steeled myself to resist rummaging through my stash, to avoid browsing for patterns on Ravelry, to set aside new (and old) knitting magazines and books for later and to completely ignore enabling posts by blogging friends (you know who you are). I was a rock, I was invincible, I was ready to vanquish the mountain of UFO's in my life.

Then this arrives . . .Would you say the universe is mocking me?


livnletlrn said...

omgosh, such a beautiful yarny gift must be immediately opened and enjoyed fully, with gushing appreciation to the sender (even if it was yourself)!

I spent this morning sitting in the sun, getting a wee bit of a sunburn while concentrating on the start of a new project, so I think you're looking for help in all the wrong places. ;-)

Guinifer said...

That is a lovely package - is it a sock yarn club?

Lorraine said...

Oh, yes, Guinifer, it's Woolgirl's Sock Club installment #1.

And it's all your fault, you know. If you hadn't been posting about sock clubs last year, I wouldn't be in this position, you enabler, you!

Sheepish Annie said...

Knitting is a hobby...a pleasant pastime. Do what you must and enjoy it! When the universe speaks, who are we to fight it?

RandomRanter said...

The universe is indulging you!

trek said...

Erm, well, uh, yes, apparently.
But it is mockimg in the nicest possible way.

Ellen said...

Beauty, eh?