Monday, April 21, 2008

Denial Project #1

In the spirit of true confessions and facing reality, I am revealing the first of several projects I've been hiding from the blogging world.

This is a cropped wrap-around shrug for Dancing Diva. She asked for one last fall but with Christmas gift knitting, I didn't get around to starting it until January.

It has been languishing a bit in the UFO pile but I managed to pull it out and get the main parts completed, washed and blocked on Saturday. It will require assembly and some additional work before it's finished but this is UFO #1 to be finished on the list.

Ironic that I should be finishing it when the weather has taken a turn for the warmer and it is currently 73 degrees farenheit out. Oh, well, it will be ready for next fall.


livnletlrn said...

yup, I'm trying to finish a pair of gloves for my that it's 80+ยบ out. ;-) Still, a FO (or even nearly an FO) is a very good thing!

Guinifer said...

She'll always need to keep those muscles warmed up though! I'm working on three different pairs of socks - sigh. No more hockey (unless I want to watch Dallas...)

Sheepish Annie said...

Story of my life. I never feel like finishing those sorts of projects until the warm weather rolls around. That wrap-around will see some use, though. I find that sort of sweater to be perfect in air conditioned malls and movie theaters.

RandomRanter said...

But just like bringing the umbrella prevents the rain, you are now guaranteeing warm weather by working on this. So thanks!

trek said...

I've been working on a monstrous shawl - yeah and the temps were in the 80s where we were over the weekend...go figure.

Looking nice there, though.

Rani said...

Oh my, you have been busy! I can't wait to see that all put together.

Is your garden waking up a bit more?
After seeing your sedum, I dared to uncover mine and there it was . . . green! GREEN!

PS. I'm using all the stitch markers you gave me for my Clapotis!!!! LOVE THEM!!!