Thursday, May 01, 2008

Long delayed post

Wow, it's been 8 days since my last confession post. What is it about spring that makes you ignore blogger friends while engaging in a frenzy of fiber activity?

Anyway, I'm posting my Sewing Room Friday post a day early. I am hoping to finish this latest sewing project today so that I can clear up the dining room for the weekend. While sewing in the dining room makes it easier to keep an eye on the kids while they do their schoolwork, it does tend to make the house look untidy and drives the neatniks in this kooky crew crazy.

And what is this latest sewing project, you ask? Well, it is a tale of some woe. You see, one of the owners of the dance studio is retiring this year. She is a wonderful dancer and my girls have all loved being in her classes through the years. Her son is graduating from high school next year and she felt the need to spend more time with him and her husband.

So, when she approached me about doing some sewing for her, I jumped at the chance. This project is a set of window toppers for her breezeway. It is a pleasure to do something helpful for such a wonderful teacher and friend.

In other fiber news, I'm feverishly finishing year-end gifts for various teachers and church leaders. Last night was the Awana Leader Appreciation Dinner, where I delivered some hand-made soaps wrapped in yet more dishcloths. Yes, it's true. Even after the great Washcloth Wasteland of Christmas '07, I had the ability to pull out the tried and true Ball-Band Dishcloth pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting and make a few more. I also delivered Nautie to it's intended recipient last night. Nautie was a big hit - the life of the party, even. I'm just hoping the video of the evening doesn't appear on You-Tube and embarrass everyone. While Nautie is adorable, watching him swim around the punch bowl with a lampshade on his head was just a tad too much.

I am feverishly finishing up some gifts for the dance teachers and trying to complete my goal of finishing 3 UFO's before casting on anything new for myself. While I still have a couple of denial projects to report, they are towards the bottom of my "to be finished" pile and not getting any attention at the moment.

I've also been busy doing some costume alterations and repairs over the past week. After picture day, people realized that costumes weren't going to magically fit properly and needed to be worked on before recitals in two weeks. I'm praying that a crop of them doesn't show up on Thursday afternoon, the day before dress rehearsals start. Oi! That reminds me - Peeps costume is too big and needs to be taken in, too. Ooops.

In the meantime, I'm gearing up for Shepherd's Harvest next weekend. I've been saving my pennies and watching the weather forecasts with an anxious eye, so that I can plan what to wear and whether I'll need to drag out the snow pants and galoshes one more time or if the new summer wardrobe and clogs will suffice. This spring has been insane, weather wise. I am so ready for summer that I may show up at Shepherd's Harvest wearing shorts and flip flops even if it is snowing and below freezing.

There is just a limit to how long you can stand wearing your winter duds.


Guinifer said...

I will probably not make it to Shepherd's Harvest this year - I have excessive Lacrosse obligations that are keeping me busy on weekends. Have fun, spend some for me.

Sheepish Annie said...

I hear you on the need for warmer weather! We had such lovely warm breezes last week and now we seem to be back in the deep freeze. ::sigh:: I guess I should be grateful that things are cooler while the kids are still in class. Hot weather is not a good mix with the teaching...

Good luck with the costumes and the curtains!

Rani said...

Take plenty of pictures when you go! I will be on a cold icy lake up-north heading out over open water to place with no indoor plumbing.

You certainly deserve the break, though! I will be careful not to mock the weather 'gods' to ensure good weather for you.

Ellen said...

For me, that weekend includes a plant sale, Shepherd's Harvest, a track meet and my daughters' one dance of the year, Spring Formal. I may need my needles to prop open my eyes by the time I get to Sunday night! Are you taking any classes?

Tonyia said...

Hey, what're you taking for a class? (I assume you ARE?)

I'm taking the all day spinning class with Carol Rhoades on Sat.

LOVE all the sewing. You are so talented!

Tonyia said...

I'd LOVE to meet you for lunch!

Is your class just in the afternoon? My class is all day, with a break for lunch (and shopping!).

We'll make more details later this week?

Anyone else care to join?