Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful!

It is difficult to figure out where to start when trying to catch up. While blogging may have been on the back burner, fiber arts projects certainly were not.

So we'll start with the good. Inspired by Trek, I started "kwitting". It has become more and more apparent that the added padding I'd gained over the winter was not going to just disappear on its own. Drastic action needed to be taken. But how could I sacrifice those early morning hours previously spent in fibery pursuits in order to sweat off the winter weight. Along comes Trek with her ingenious solution and I was off and running walking. The washcloth is the result of 3 morning walks or the equivalent of 12 miles of kwitting. Not bad, eh!

Now for the bad - I just can't seem to stop casting on new projects. Although I did finish a number of projects over the past few weeks, the UFO pile really has not decreased appreciably in May. I am just not good at good intentions. This old dog just can't seem to learn new tricks.

This little scarf pattern was first seen at Rani's blog. I was so fascinated by the stitch pattern that I just had to grab some leftover cheap variegated acrylic and give it a try. The little girls think it's beautiful and I may end up having to make two, just to keep the peace.

Of course, I have half a dozen other projects lined up as well, since I'm firmly on my way toward planning far too many projects and activities in this brief span of summer vacation than anyone in their right minds would plan. What can I say, besides being a bad girl, I'm an incurably optimistic dreamer.

Now for the beautiful. A quick stop at Coldwater Collaborative last week to find a set of purse handles netted this treasure. I managed to snag 3 hanks of Malabrigo - ON SALE - 33% off. What is more, these are a variation of the local school colors. While there is not enough yardage for a full sweater, I'm hoping to get a nice vest out of it for fall. Or coordinating it with some solid yarn for a patterned sweater.

I foresee some happy hours spent swatching and searching Ravelry for the perfect hockey watching vest or sweater.

Good, bad or beautiful, it's shaping up to be a wonderful summer already. Woot!


livnletlrn said...

love the drop stitch pattern! three cheers for kwitting -- looks like it's working out great for you.

Guinifer said...

Kind of Vikings-ish too!

That little scarfette it sweet too.

trek said...

Way to go!


Sheepish Annie said...

Lots of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over here. That new yarn is lovely! And congrats on getting out there and kwitting up a storm!

Rani said...

Your spinning is . . . WOW! That is just so darn cool.

And the drop stitch scarf is beautiful. I'm going to have to try it again using a different yarn. The pattern gets a bit lost with mine.

Lovely lovely pics. I'm off to check out "Trek" to see how to walk/knit.