Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh, my aching back!

After 3 days of unremitting effort, I am pleased to announce the completion of Phase 2 of the Great Garden Overhaul.

Phase 1 began last summer. Here is where we started in May '07. And here is were Phase 1 ended. The raised beds are currently planted with tomatoes, peppers and onions. The outside dirt area will be planted with peas, green beans, cucumbers, squash and strawberries. The areas with cypress mulch are the flower gardens with many of my lilies already transplanted and a few phlox and geraniums already moved in. Oh, and that giant green thing in the center is rhubarb which seems to be on steroids because it gets more massive every year. Oi!

While I had hoped to move into Phase 3 yet this summer (the construction of the white picket fence and small arbor surrounding the vegetable garden), it is looking unlikely for now. Some of my annual gardening budget had to go toward some new evergreen plants in the front. The lack of winter color/structure really got to both my husband and me this past winter and we just had to rectify it this year.

Still on the agenda - plant vegetable seeds, plant 4 more shrubs/evergreens in the front yard and divide perennials in other parts of the garden to fill in the new flower bed around the vegetable garden. That is, if my aching hands/feet/back/arms/shoulders/hamstrings/etc. can take it.



Jeffrey said...
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Sheepish Annie said...

Aching back, indeed! That is an incredible amount of work there! But so very worth it. The garden looks amazing!

trek said...

Sit quietly for a bit and knit.
Knitting won't tax those gardening muscles. ;o)

Rani said...

Wow! I LOVE gardening. I especially love watching OTHER people garden (less work).

You'll have to take another pic in a few months. . . a sort of before and after!

Ellen said...

That is great looking - I am very impressed! Please take a picture later in the summer when your plantings fill out, okay? I