Sunday, May 27, 2007

Triumphant but tired!

Eureka, the vegetables are in. God blessed us by keeping the rain away yesterday and sending a brisk wind to dry out the mucky mess so I could get into the garden and place the raised planters. Then today after church, I was able to get all my vegetables in. Hooray!

After the vegetables were in, we installed a fire pit. The children have been wanting one for years. As soon as we finished sweeping the sand into the brick border, Hockeyboy decided to try and light the fire ala Tom Hanks in Castaway. Soon, Dad was in on the action as Peeps (DD#3) looked on in fascination. Although they did manage to get some smoke, they ran out of energy before actually getting a flame and resorted to a lighter to get the real fire going.

I know this is a fiber arts blog, so I apologize for no fiber related photos. Unfortunately, I can't post any progress photos on the stealth projects on which I'm working. However, I can give you an update on Stealth Pas De Deux - I managed to get the second pair of socks finished to the same stage as the first mis-matched pair and have made the transfers so that I have matching socks on the magic loop. I've managed to sneak in another inch of progress on the socks in my non-gardening moments. I'll be working on the other stealth project tomorrow while traveling to visit family, so I'm hoping to get close to finishing Stealth One tomorrow.

Well, time to rejoin the family at the bonfire - before they snarf all the s'mores. Yum!


Sheepish Annie said...

Yay!! The garden is looking good and I love the fire pit...brings back some nice memories of s'mores past! Yummy!!!

Guinifer said...

Your firepit is beautiful. Nice job!