Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer bummer

Well, after a semi-lovely Memorial Day, my DH and I both woke up sick with summer colds. Blech! Got the sneezes-sore throat-slightly feverish blues today.

We did enjoy our Memorial Day trip to visit the DH's hometown and my MIL's grave site. Every year, I bring blossoms from my own garden to decorate MIL's grave. This year, each child placed one of the red bomb peonies at her grave and DH and I placed irises. The little ceremony is so meaningful because my MIL was an avid gardener and a florist and we know she would love the flowers from our garden.

Now, for the part that made the day "semi" lovely for me. After brunch, my DH took the kids fishing at his favorite hometown fishing spot. Now, you have to understand something about me. I HATE fish. I can't eat fish of any sort without getting violently ill. The smell alone is enough to send me scurrying to the nearest bathroom. I can't go to seafood restaurants and if I eat where fish is served and I can smell it, my meal is ruined. But it was part of DH's childhood and a memory he wanted to share. So guess what I did while everyone else was fishing. Yup, I knitted.

I'm happy to report that I'm nearly done with Stealth Project #1 (half done with the last item) and am getting close to the gusset shaping on Stealth Pas de Deux (which is lightweight STR, Guinifer). It's a good thing, too, because the deadline for both projects is Father's Day weekend. So, the day was still lovely and productive. And the best news is that no one caught any fish, so I was spared the whole "Can we cook it for dinner?" ordeal. Euwwww!

I can hardly wait until these projects are done and gifted, so I can start posting knitting photos again. Instead, I'll have to be satisfied with a goofy cat picture, a la Wendy Knits.

Here is Koda, attacking who knows what under the edge of my portable ironing board. She also likes to bite this little, table-top ironing board - don't ask me why!

Koda says, "Gimme, gimme!"


Ellen said...

But does she know how to use the iron? I've been so lucky this week because my mom is visiting and she loves to iron. She even ironed the pillowcases! (This filled my daughters with awe!) But I am running a little ragged . . .

Sheepish Annie said...

Cats like the weirdest stuff. Desdemona loves the shower...nothing makes her happier than chasing the water. And Persephone likes to play with (and talk on) the phone. Sheesh...

Feel better!!! 'Twas a summer cold that led to my current bout of the Monkey Pox. I am now hopelessly paranoid about the summer colds.

Guinifer said...

Iron? What's that?

Hope you feel better soon!

Rani said...

Regarding fish: be glad you didn't marry an Icelander.

Can't wait to see stealth!

I did not frog the striped socks. It was sheer dumb luck.

Am jealous of vegie garden. Mine is still empty. Blah.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Get well soon!