Monday, May 07, 2007

Perdita done!

Three FO's to show! These are the final additions to dance teacher gifts.

I have to say that the pattern was really fun to make. Small enough to work up quickly, yet complicated enough to keep my interest for the duration.

The white one, called Bluebell, was the most complicated of the patterns, requiring yarn overs and decreases on all rows. I made a slight error while reading the chart and alternated left- and right-leaning decreases along each edge. This resulted in a bit more decorative border on each side, instead of the smooth, continuous wale of decreases. Since I was several rows in before I discovered my mistake, I debated ripping it all out and starting over or just continuing. I found I actually liked the look of the wale with the alternating decreases and decided to continue it for the whole wristlet. I don't know if it's considered kosher or if anyone else has ever used this as a valid decrease structure but I may experiment with it some more, in a larger format, just to see how it would look in other contexts. Click on the photo to enlarge it, then check out the wale just inside the edge and tell me what you think.

The burgundy wristlet, called Lilac, is my favorite of the three. I like the twisting motion of the lace pattern on each side, since it looks a little like a cable pattern but without the need to actually do cables. I kind of wish the beads blended better but I'm still busting stash around here, so no new beads for me - yet. Still, it is lovely, isn't it.

The pink one is called Lily of the Valley and it comes a very close second to Lilac because the lace pattern actually looks like Lily of the Valley and those are one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, it wasn't until it was posted that I noticed the "flowers" of the wristlet were upside down in the photo but I think you get the idea.

All three were made with white glass beads and cotton/wool blend yarns from my stash. I'm looking forward to when the stash diet ends and I can buy some colored beads and the pearl cotton the pattern actually recommends to make a few of these for myself.

BTW, 5 days until Shepherd's Harvest! Woohoo!


Sheepish Annie said...

Those are lovely! And small enough that even I might be willing to risk attempting to read a chart in order to make one. Nice job...those are perfect gifts for dance teachers.

livnletlrn said...

I can't tell what you're talking about on the edges. I'd call it a design modification! ;-)

Ellen said...

stop by the MN KNitter's guild booth on Saturday!