Friday, November 09, 2007

Another Sewing Room Friday + a Friday FO

Another Friday, another sewing room update. As you can see, some sewing has happened in this oft neglected room - just not the kind I'd really like to be doing.

Here is evidence that a certain 14 yo boy has invaded my sanctuary. Being an airsoft enthusiast, Hockeyman has decided that he needs a Gilly suit to aid in his stealthy pursuits. HM learned to sew early on, taking a quilting class when he was 9. He was enthusiastic but only because there was machinery with dangerous, sharp, pokey things attached. Once he mastered the machine operation, he was done with quilting forever. Now, though, necessity compels him to dust off his rusty sewing skills and create again.

(On a side note, HM just found out I was blogging about his sewing prowess and he's trembling at the thought that one of his friends might find out that he crafting - so shhhhh, it's a secret.)

On my Big Board, there are subtle signs that I, too, have been at work in the room. You'll notice the empty seam ripper package and the cut out dress tags (but only if you look very closely). Yes, it is the costume alteration season. I had an emergency call this week to alter 3 dance costumes for a performance on Wednesday night. The safety pins are my way of pinning dance costumes during a fitting. The are far less accurate than straight pins but when you're dealing with skin-tight spandex costumes, straight pins are a liability. Besides the prick factor, you also have the problem of potential blood stains and pins that tend pop out of the seams when you try to remove the costume from the dancer. In addition, I had a quick pointe shoe ribbon sewing session as well. All in a day's work for a dancer mom, I guess.

Unfortunately, my quilt sits neglected in the corner, just waiting for a little stray attention to wander its way. Some day, my love, some day!

On the knitterly side, another FO has arrived. Nautie joined my gift pile yesterday. Not that this gift was a high priority. After all, the baby this little guy is going to won't be arriving until late spring. But I've got that restless feeling about knitting again. I'm flitting from project to project like a butterfly. I don't understand why I'm so resistant to focusing on one project and finishing it (especially Christmas gifts) but that is just my nature. I've come to the conclusion that there is too much stress in my life to put undue pressure and guilt on myself about the one passion that is supposed to bring me joy. So if I get some Christmas stuff done, great. If not, store gift cards are quick and easy to procure and rarely refused.

Right? Tell me I'm right, okay! Hello???


Carissa said...

Nautie is just too cute! I may need to make one or two of those myself!

livnletlrn said...

Of course you're right. You MUST be right because I'm looking at xmas gifties the same way. Have a couple of things in mind. If I get to them, great. If not, no biggie.

There's an Airsoft group forming near us and Jesse is beside himself with joy, lately researching in great detail to decide what equipment he wants. My young warrior causes his peacemonger mom such angst. Thank goodness for the calming effect of knitting to help me survive his adolescence.

Guinifer said...

Of course you are right.

AHAHA - tell HockeyMan he doesn't need to feer us - we won't "out" him!

RandomRanter said...

Of course you are right!
There was a "Trading Spaces" (I think) where they said it's easier to get behind sewing (as a guy, even though this really shouldn't be a problem, but anyway) if you recognize that a sewing machine is a dangerous power tool.

Sheepish Annie said...

Nautie is sooo cute! I can see why it might be hard to resist putting that one on the needles.

HM's secret is safe. We won't breathe a word. Promise! I, myself, have been contemplating breaking out the machine again. There was the cutest rag doll pattern in my "new" dollmaking book and it really got me thinking about sewing again. Time will tell, I suppose...

trek said...

Not only are gift cards easy to procure, Neatnik's school has made them dead simple. They send home a sheet and we pick what gift cards we want and we send one check to school - no matter how many gift cards we want and for whatever combination of stores/restaurants and the school gets a small percentage of the face value of the cards and it doesn't cost us any more than if we bought them at the individual places - and no standing in line.

Ellen said...

My brother used to sew all his scouting gear. He's a handy guy to have around!

Rani said...

First, if your sons friends are reading knitting/crafty blogs, then there is no reason for him to feel sheepish . . . ;-)

Second - my boys are too young and I have no idea what Airsoft is, so I'm going to Google that next.

Third: I giggled about the safety pin vs. straight. You had many funny POINTS. ahem.

Fourth - Gift Card Please (but those hand-mades are truly priceless!!!!! no guilt, though, I'm just saying . . .)

WeeBit Wonky said...

Ha! I LOVE it! You have big stacks of paper too! I am not alone in my Creative clutter!
Thanks for doin' the Sewing Room Friday thing.
~ Robyn
WeeBit Wonky