Friday, November 30, 2007

Better late than never???

I'm a little late with my Sewing Room Friday pics. I was very active in the sewing room this morning . . . at 3:30 am! I had one of those mornings where Koda decided she needed an early breakfast and awakened me far earlier than I wanted to get up. Unfortunately, my brain started functioning and the backlog of costume work that I have in the sewing room forced me to arise long before the sun.

First item of business was a new pair of pants for Santa! A friend who has played Santa every year for 20 years brought me a worn out pair of pants and asked if I could make him a new pair. The hardest part was finding a red velvet that matched but I managed to find something that was very close in color. I don't have a photo because the costume has already been delivered. However, I do have the a pic of the fabrics and pattern for my Beauty and the Beast costume. As soon as I finish the dance costume alterations for the performance company dancers at the studio, I'll be cutting out and piecing my own costume.

On the knitting front, stealth knitting continues at a snail's pace, in spite of the obsessive compulsive drive that pushes me to knit early and late and whenever I can in between. I have two more gifts completed but at least 6 more in the queue. If I get a chance to sneak a photo of one of the stealth gifts (maybe while kids are playing in the snow we're supposed to get tomorrow), I'll post it.

In the meantime, here is a cute kitten snapshot from tonight. Koda is slowly getting a little more tolerant of Harley's proximity but there are still little cat spats going on around here, especially when Harley gets aggressively playful. I suspect this little guy is going to be ruling the roost completely before long. He's not the least intimidated by all of Koda's vocal demonstrations and has taken to ambushing her whenever he gets the urge. Poor Koda.

In hockey new, the boys managed to win the consolation championship at the Blaine tournament, winning their final two games with relative ease (4-3 and 4-1). They also played a district game against Apple Valley last night and won 3-2. They continue to play well, in spite of a shake up in the line up. One of our players was moved up to the A team because the A team lost multiple players to local JV and Varsity high school teams. It was a bit of a controversy because the high school try-outs happen so late after the Bantam rosters have been set and it causes a real problem to start shifting around players after pictures have been taken and we're already 2 months into practices and games. However, as a result of the shake up, Hockeyman has been moved up to wing and he's very excited to be playing forward again.

Maybe he is a bit too excited. While he did get the game puck for his good play last night, he also managed to break both of his sticks before the end of the first period last night!

Guess what HM is got as an early birthday present?!?


Carissa said...

Great pics! I've been sewing a ton too! I figure I only have a few more weeks to do that, while I know that I can knit in fits and starts once the baby arrives! Now I just need to remember to take some pictures of my creations. I look forward to seeing more costume pictures for the show.

Guinifer said...

Go Hockeyman! The whole hockey hierarchy is such a mystery to me (Bantam/JV/Varsity, etc.)

Love the little kitty pic.

Puck's team was soundly trounced tonight by a Minnetonka team. Poor kids are in sad need of some good defensemen.

Sheepish Annie said...

Ahh...HockeyMan! Way to move those sticks!!!

I can't remember if I ever mentioned this before...sorry if it's a repeat. But when I brought Persephone home I had her wear a collar with a bell. That way Desdemona always knew when she was coming and could stand her ground or run for the hills as she saw fit. She seemed to feel safer with a little warning and we cut back on the cat fights. Which were ugly. Very, very ugly.

Can't wait to see the costume!!!

Ellen said...

Good news on the hockey front! We are making a back yard rink this winter in order to introduce Youngest Child to the wonders of hockey. The only skating lessons around here for his age are for figure skating - he opted out of those! But, it does give Oldest Daughter a certain cache in his eyes! Nice sewing, too!

Rani said...

Oh those kitties! 3:30! Good lord, woman, what you won't do for your craft!!!

I was also up at 3:30, but I wasn't crafting, I was cleaning up dog poop for the 2nd time that evening from INSIDE his kennel. Little #@$@#.

Anyway, I can't WAIT to see Beauty and the Beast!!!

RandomRanter said...

Wow - two sticks! If I didn't know better I would suggest some sort of something, but perhaps the hockey fairy felt HM needed a new stick. Whew!