Friday, November 16, 2007

Sewing Room Friday - progress but not mine!

I mentioned that Dancing Diva had done some cleaning whilst working on the clandestine 2007 Birthday Surprise. Believe it or not, this room is much, much cleaner than it was before. I have some yarn in a basket that needs to find a home and there are many things DD didn't know what to do with that I need to put away. But some progress is better than none.

None of the sewing clutter is mine this time around but since I have to alter DD's costume this weekend for her performance over Thanksgiving, next week should show some evidence of using my own sewing room.

And who knows, maybe I'll even sew on the long-neglected quilt this weekend. In between taking care of Harley, that is.


Tonyia said...

I envy you the sunny window in your sewing room! Mine's in the basement with just an egress window, so it's never very sunny. Maybe I'd sew more with some natural sunshine?

By the way - link for those little bags is
Once I made the first one (the instructions aren't REAL precise) the next one went quickly...

The natural knitter said...

Hi there,I lost your email and phone number but was interested in knitting next week - how about Tues night at whatever time works for you. Bonny

Sheepish Annie said...

Don't know how you could resist that little face...I'd never get anything done! Of course, I don't have a sewing room and that might make a difference. Maybe.

Probably not.

I'm a sucker for a cute little kitty face!