Friday, November 23, 2007

New WIP, Old Story and Hockey news

The large size of my stealth projects made it necessary for me to continue to have a small, portable project this weekend. After all, there are just some things that shouldn't be carried around a crowded hockey center during a major tournament. My large knitting bag would have been a safety hazard as I tried to weave my way through the crowds at the Schwans Super Rink.

Since I am so heartily sick of washcloths and scrubbies, I decided that the advent of the festive holiday season entitled me to start another pair of socks. So out came the hand dyed sock yarn from Shepherd's Harvest and I'm off and running with a toe-up version of Sleepwalker Socks from Dream In Color Yarn. I am totally loving how the yarn is flashing in this pattern. The lacy leaf pattern is a bit lost in all that color but I sometimes like the hidden surprise of a stealthy pattern like this. I can't wait to see how the yarn works on the heel but for now, it's just gorgeous!

In kitten related news, we are slowly acclimating Koda to the presence of Harley. I devised a new strategy - Koda has a new cozy bed tucked up on top of the kitchen cabinets. When we're going to release the wee beastie, we simply lift Koda to the top of the refrigerator. From there, she has the option of coming down to his level or jumping on top of the cabinet. So far, she has opted to move to higher ground and kept a close eye on Harley without getting all hissy and growly.
However, the look in her eye reveals the true nature of her feelings all too well.

From her vantage point, this is her view of The Wild Thing. He just doesn't sit still long enough or a decent photo, the little speedster.

As for a hockey update, the hockey team won 2-0 against the Colorado team Wednesday night. It was a surprising victory, considering this team is a club team and is well known in this area as a very competitive and tough team. In our favor though, was travel fatigue, since the CO boys were getting on a plane at 3 am that morning and most had not slept much the night before. We enjoyed a pizza party afterward with the Colorado parents and players. It was a great time of camaraderie and good sportsmanship.

Today, however, the boys went up against the top-ranked Bantam B-1 team in the state. They managed to pull off a 0-0 tie at the end of overtime. By this point, our team had been overwhelmingly out-played and out-shot. Only the incredible defensive play of our team and a flawless game by our goalie kept us in it at all. It was a valiant effort by our goaltender but the shooting skills of the other team was too much for a very exhausted goalie and we lost the game in the final shoot out, 0-2.

In one sense, it was a heart breaker. To lose one in a shoot out is always a let down. In another, it makes me incredibly proud of and hopeful for our team. If we can do this well against the #1 team in the state this early in the season, we have the potential to measure up to any team we meet. It was an awesome opportunity to size up a team we won't meet in district play this year, and early enough to start working on our own game strategies for a possible play-off game at state against them.

Woot! Go Hawks!


Guinifer said...

Go Chaska boys, go!! Woot!

We won our first game in our tourney as well - 3-1. We played against a Rochester team. Now tomorrow we play against a Farmington team at 12:30.

Love the socks, by the way.

Sheepish Annie said...

I like the idea of giving Koda such a high perch. That must feel much safer and gives her options for interaction.

It sounds like the boys did a great job! It looks like it's going to be a great season...

Rani said...

I love the picture of the queen on her perch up there! PERFECT!

Toe-up sock - never tried before. Some people swear by it! I LOVE the color of the sock. Makes me think of spring - oh so far away.

Go Hawks!

Ellen said...

Loved it when my daughter played at the Super Rink - her team always played better when the rink was cool!