Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My birthday present came early this year.

In an effort to really surprise me this year, my family conspired to bring home an adorable new addition to our clan. While I was at Awana tonight, DH picked up our newest family member.

Meet Harley!
He is a rough and tumble 12 week old tabby. On first acquaintance, he is a bit jumpy and very feisty. We need to quarantine him for a short time, until he has had a full check up and some more immunizations but we'll hopefully be introducing him to his big sister, Koda (aka Fluffy Knitting Companion) in the next week or so.

While the family had made a list of appropriate names for me to choose from (Gretsky, Zamboni, Java and Mocha were top contenders), he just seemed to be wild enough to fit the Harley moniker. While I loved Gretsky, how would you shorten it? He just can't live up to "The Great One." At least, not yet.


livnletlrn said...

Precious baby! He looks like trouble...and oh so much fun. ENJOY!!!

Guinifer said...

What about Gaborik - he could be Gabby! or Lasse!

Just kiddin' I like Harley - and he is adorable. I love the little M on the tabby foreheads.

Salt City Spinner said...

Look at those front paws! That little rascal is going to grow big. Enjoy him... he's very cute!

RandomRanter said...

What a cutie! And a very nice present. Happy birthday!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! You're new kitten is adorable. I hope he's healthy and safe. I almost lost two kittens to upper respiratory problems that were about his age, but with some (lots) of TLC they pulled through and I love them more then most people I know. ;) I only mention this 'cause it looks like he might have a runny nose which is how theirs started.