Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Drive by posting

It's another hurried day in the neighborhood, so just a quick post to reveal another pair of socks.

There was so much Dream in Color Smooshy left over, I decided to see if I could get a pair of anklets out of it. Needing a portable project for dance/hockey/waiting rooms, I cast on Saturday morning and finished by Monday night.

I have to admit that I don't like my picot hem at the top. I'm going to wash and block these to see if they tighten up. Would someone please tell me what I keep doing wrong? They are always so loose and flippy-downy. Uggggh!

Unfortunately, there may not be many FO photos in the near future. I'm busy at work on a large stealth project for the holidays, so much of what I'll be working on will be on the down low. Knitting on publishable works might just be more sporadic, thus decreasing the frequency of FO's. But ya'll love me enough to stick by me, right?

In the meantime, for a little pattern enabling . . .
my new copy of Interweave Knits just arrived. They've done it again. At least 4 projects on my wannado list.

The Tilting Cable Socks may be cast on yet tonight!!! After all, I still need that portable project, right?


Sheepish Annie said...

Of course I'll stand by you! I know that something amazing is in the works and this will hold me until the "reveal!"

I keep saying that I'm going to knit some footies...why haven't I done that???

Jill said...

I have a lot of Dream in color left also - how much do your anklets weigh? I may have a quickie project on the horizon!

The picot - you may want to try going down a needle size or two like you do with ribbing on sweaters.

livnletlrn said...

My handspun sweater WIP has a picot hem that's rolling too. (The picot hem on the sleeves did not roll, though). One of my plans for tackling this is to try it again on smaller needles.

And yes, we'll still be here, even if there's longer betw. FOs. With Google Reader and other subscription type doohickies, I barely even notice when folks go a while betw. blog posts, but new ones pop up when they're there. Nice.