Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harley update

Life with a kitten continues to be an adventure. Harley is still quarantined to the basement bathroom. He came to us with a few minor medical issues. He was adopted from a wonderful rescue shelter but the number of cats there made it nearly impossible for them to treat his problems effectively. Now that we have him home, he won't be re-exposed to all the bugs and critters that were affecting him. His respiratory condition is responding to antibiotics (thanks for being so observant, Holly - you were right on the nose in diagnosing his problem - pun intended) and the ear mites and worms are being treated appropriately as well. His energy level is steadily increasing, which I take as a good sign of his ongoing recovery.

Koda is not at all resigned to sharing her kingdom with an interloper. First she was very disturbed at having to be dosed with some preventative medications to protect her from Harley's crud. Then she totally freaked when she first saw Harley. So far, they've only seen each other through glass and her reactions was surprisingly hostile. But her reaction to Rocky was the same and she came around after a week or so. We have the space and time to be patient, after all. They look so much alike, you'd think she was his mother and I'm hoping that's the attitude she'll finally take.

In knitting news, Christmas gift knitting is progressing rapidly. The Wash Cloth 2007 marathon is whipping along at record pace, with six done so far. I also found some information on making scrubbers with nylon netting and I'm busy experimenting with making those as well.

The large stealth project is on hold until we are on the road to a family gathering this Thanksgiving. It is the ideal project for working on in the car because it is at the mindless/boring stage and I can chat with DH and listen to talk radio while working on it. Between the 3 hour trip Thursday and the commuting to and from the hockey tournament next weekend, I should make tremendous progress on it.

Beyond that, not much that is blog worthy around here. Just bonding with kitties and repetitive, boring knitting projects. But who can resist such a cute face?

I suspect many of you will be returning just for Harley updates. And who would blame you.

All together now, "Awwwwww!"


Guinifer said...

It's funny - I had a female kitty and brought a male into the mix a couple of times, but she was so dominant that the male got stressed and always had litterbox issues. Ugh. That is a cute little face though.

We're driving to Eagan next weekend for tournament play. Where do you guys have to go?

Jill said...

I love little kitty updates. It's amazing how fast they grow up. I just got Bert "yesterday" and then I turned around and realized he's been in the family 3 years this week!

Sheepish Annie said...

Awwwww!!! I just can't help myself...

I adopted The Big Fluffy Kitty as an adult rescue cat and she and The Smaller Less Fluffy Kitty never really found the love for one another. Things have settled down over the years, but we still have our moments. Sibling rivalry is never pretty, I guess.

But Harley is such a little cutie than I cannot believe Koda won't find it in her heart to accept him with open paws.

RandomRanter said...

Female kitties tend to respond better to new males than otherwise (they do tend to be dominant, but that's pretty typical for the cat kingdom).
And - Awwwwww!

Tonyia said...

Harley is darling. Kittens are irresistible. (That's probably why we have two in the house and 10 or more outdoors...)

I got a couple of those crocheted net dish scrubbers this summer, and I really love 'em. If you have a link or a pattern - please share! (Especially because we haven't replaced our dead dishwasher yet!!)

Rani said...

Awwwwwwww! And I'm sure Koda will make a fine 'mommy' cat to Harley in time.

Good luck with the hockey thing! And have a safe and productive Thanksgiving drive!