Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Addiction 101

I have to admit that the Hat Trick 2009 at Ravelry ended up being a blast. But I found it hard to quit knitting hats at the end of January. Hence, yet another hat FO for the blog.

This is the Sea Urchin pattern (Ravelry link) made with Noro Taiyo. It has a generous 220 yards, so I also managed to whip up a coordinating cowl with the leftovers. (Pics later)

I'm hoping that the hat addiction will slowly subside. Otherwise, when the snow melts this spring, the authorities may find we've been buried alive under a mountain of hand-knit hats.

For now, I'm chanting - must finish UFO's, must finish UFO's, must finish UFO's . . .


Rani said...

Maybe you should start knitting red Dr. Seuss hats in case CVFT ever does Bartholemew's Hats!!!

It's a LOVELY hat. I love the natural colors.

ps. the verification word today is "squards" kind of cool

Guinifer said...

Wow! Really cute hat. Like what the pattern does to the stripes.

Daisy said...

Have you considered knitting hats for Lent and sending them on to the Christmas at Sea project? I had great plans last year and completed - exactly one.

But I really meant that hat!