Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost a FO

Well, in spite of some dedicated effort the past two days, I'm still falling short of having a finished garment to show today. Although I'm loving the Wicked Eyelet Vest (it's a super fun knit), I decided to set it aside and try and finish the seafoam green Pioneer. I finished knitting the main body and used the now favorite tubular bind off to finish the bottom edge. I've picked up one of the sleeves and started knitting. I'm 48 sleeve rounds from finishing both sleeves, then I just need to add the crochet trim around the neckline and I'm done.

However, the weather has put out a siren call to putz in the garden today. After two days of record high temperatures and a few rumbles of thunder in the wee sma' hours of the morning, today's weather is delightfully cool and moist. Just perfect for setting out tomato and pepper plants, as well as filling some decorative pots with colorful annuals.

So Pioneer is once again on the back burner, while I heed nature's insistent beckoning into the great outdoors.

Maybe tomorrow Pioneer will be finished . . .
(Photograph courtesy of Hockeyman)

Or maybe not.


Guinifer said...

Yep. I think you've lost your camera.

livnletlrn said...

With HM taking pics like that, it's definitely worthwhile to forfeit your camera! Nice shot! (and not in a hockey sense this time) ;-)

We hope to be in the garden this weekend too. Have a mini-mountain of wood chips to spread, need to tidy up the perennials, and getting some vegs in the ground would be a good idea. Lots of rain in our forecast, though, so perhaps there will be copious knitting instead.

Rani said...

GORGEOUS PICTURE! Yup. HM really does need that camera. MORE GARDEN PICS!!!

Way to go on those sweaters, too.

trek said...

Looking good!