Sunday, May 31, 2009

When it rains . . .

It pours. And pours. And pours.

Good news first, cuz I am in desperate need of some positive vibes around here.

The Wicked Green Eyelet Vest is done, done, done. Third FO in 30 days. Woot! The sweaters/vests are just flying off the needles.

This vest used just over 2 skeins of the Premier Yarns Serenity Sports yarn, I think. The back took just over 1 skein and I made both fronts at the same time, so was using 2 more skeins at the same time. Both are a little more than half gone. The great news is that I have 3 more full skeins, plus the partial skeins to make another project. There is a ton of yardage in one of these balls of yarn. I'm already on the hunt for another summer tank top to make with the rest of the yarn.

The top picture is not color accurate. However, the close up picture is far closer to the real color of the yarn. I absolutely love this color and have received numerous compliments when I wear it. So I can't wait to go out in this cute little number. Double Woot!

The Bad News - Hubby injured his calf last night and is now hobbling around on BabyBird/DancingDiva's crutches. We fear he either ruptured a tendon or severely strained his calf muscle. He felt a pop and thought he'd been kicked in the calf when it happened. So, we'll be back at the orthopedic doctor's office this week getting his injury evaluated.

In the meantime, Hubby and BB/DD will be holding regular arm wrestling sessions over whose turn it is to use the crutches.



Guinifer said...

Oh gosh!
I am so sorry!
Healthy vibes your way!

trek said...

Gah! At least I am the only one hobbling around here.

Feel better prayers for the family.

Anonymous said...

SOme drugstores will lend you a pair of crutches. At WWalgreens my sister needed to make a $30 deposit, but when she returned the crutches a few weeks later she got her money back.

Might be worth checking into

Sheepish Annie said...

The vest is lovely and is a nice thing to have on hand for the summer months. It is also a nice thing upon which to focus while DH and BB/DD are fighting over the crutches. You don't want to get in the middle of that!

I hope that everyone is feeling a little bit better at this point and that speedy recoveries are the theme for the next couple of weeks.

livnletlrn said...

Wow, what a roller coaster you guys have been on. Settle down over there and stop hurting yourselves, will you?! ;-)

As always, thank heavens for the knitting. And w/ FOs like you've been cranking out, there must be a lot of satisfaction in this soothing hobby!