Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, life has been as hectic as it usually is in the fall. I truly thought blogging in the summer would be much easier to do. Alas, it was all a fragile dream that has crashed into a million pieces.

In knitting news, I continue to plug away at the Cable Down Raglan. I have about 6 inches left on the first sleeve. I did get a chance to try it on and it's going to be one of those roomy sweaters you wear over something else at the ski lodge while you hold your breath as your 8 year old bombs a black diamond hill. In other words, the perfect Minnesota Winter Sweater.

I also found myself at Coldwater Collaborative twice during the Crazy Days sale. I was as out of control as usual and picked up enough pink Rowan Calmer to make a long sleeve version of the Daily Sweater from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. I also found myself meeting a friend there without my ubiquitous knitting bag in tow and ended up getting another pair of 40" size 1 Addi Turbos and 2 skeins of sock yarn. Since I'd forgotten my bag, I just had to have a project to work on while my friend and I chatted over coffee and scones, following our shopping trip.

I have some non-knitting type news as well. For the past month or so, I've been working on getting certification as a stroke and turn judge for swimming. Since I've been a Hockey Mom for 10 years and done all the Hockey Mom duties over the past few years; and I've been a Dance Mom for as many years, doing all the Dance Mom duties required, I decided being a Swim Mom required the some extra effort as well. Gotta be fair to all the kiddo's, doncha know. Anyway, I spent the entire weekend at a swim meet, shadowing officials and learning the ropes of officiating at swimming events. I need one more shadow session at the A level to gain my certification, which will probably have to wait until fall, since the long course season is nearly over. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to shadow at finals or state events, which is all that are left of this season. But now I'll be able to add Stroke & Turn Judge to my Mommy resume.

There is tons more going on but I've got to take Dancing Diva to her physical therapy session right now. Which is going very well, which leads to even more news on the family front. But you'll just have to stay tuned for an update later.

And pictures. I promise I'll get some pictures up here - soon.


livnletlrn said...

I wanna be out of control at a yarn sale too!!!!!!

(Well, not really, I guess, because I *could* if I really wanted to, but I haven't done it at all lately. Damn that sense of enoughness. ;-)

Yes, this raising of munchkins is a raucous ride. Get in and hold on!

trek said...

Yay for Dancing Diva's healing.

Isn't is great to be a knitter and to be able to say, "I love this sweater but wouldn't it be better with longer sleeves/a rounder collar/buttons/etc"?

trek said...

Yay for Dancing Diva's healing.

Isn't is great to be a knitter and to be able to say, "I love this sweater but wouldn't it be better with longer sleeves/a rounder collar/buttons/etc"?

Rani said...

Oh, congrats! Not many people can say they are a stroke and turn judge. hee hee.

Guinifer said...

It is painful for me to admit that I missed the sidewalk sale. I've scored such great bargains in the past...

I used to Synchro Swim in HS and managed the boys team - I loved swim meets (and swimmers - I admit). I can think of much less interesting things to do than judge a swim meet!

Ellen said...

Stroke and Turn judges, eh? So does that mean you can look at a swimmer and see if they are doing something illegal? I'll give you a hint - I can't swim more than 200 breast stroke before I start doing an illegal kick. It's just the way my leg is.

Thank goodness I get to chose what kinds of races I swim now a days!

Sheepish Annie said...

Yup. You've been busy, all right! How cool for you to become a judge for the swim meets! I guess I never really thought about what it takes to be in that position. More than I thought, that's for sure! It's impressive that you'll be able to do that.