Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The madness continues around here. We're at the theater nightly now, finishing up the props and sets for Little Shop of Horrors. We're running around town during the daytime, finding elusive items like period appropriate phones, cheap cigars and fake guts. We're finishing up annual dental exams, doctors appointments, hockey tournaments and dance camps.

Alas, Dancing Diva now needs surgery to correct her ankle issues. She is scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks. So, of course, we have pre-op stuff to take care of as well.

In those little snippets of time in waiting rooms, riding to tournaments and waiting for various and sundry kids, I have managed to finish one of two baby gifts for Bubba's swim coach, who just happened to become the proud father of twins last week.

I'm frantically trying to squeeze a few more minutes into each day to finish the second cardigan so that we can present them to the coach at the Summer Season Final Banquet.

In the meantime, poor Cable Down Raglan is languishing in the corner. I'm really hoping it doesn't start whining and writing letters of complaint before I can get back to it. While I'm still very much in love with it, babies will always come first.

Especially adorable twin boys.


Rani said...

Oh oh oh! It's darling! What a wonderful set of twins to be getting such soft squooshy sweaters.

Good luck to that Dancing Diva! Hope she heals quickly!

"Chang da du"

trek said...

Love the sweater - sorry about the surgery!

livnletlrn said...

What a great sweater. I love the colors you're using.

Things here seem to be traveling at the speed of light too, but it's all good, so no complaints. Hold on tight!

Ellen said...