Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Look what just popped up on Knitty!!!

Whaaaaaa! And I have already committed to knitting Cables & Lace for the Ravelympics! (Ravelry link)

Alas, I have been working very hard on rewriting Cables & Lace as a top-down raglan pattern. Even though I can't cast on until 8:00 tomorrow night, I've been "training" very hard this week (i.e. swatching, drafting the pattern, calculating gauge, etc.).

I'm just about ready for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tomorrow. A little more pattern refining, a little more measuring and I'm all set to compete.

Oh, and my new reward for finishing Cables & Lace before the Closing Ceremonies: Casting on Skew!

Talk about going for the Gold!


livnletlrn said...

Yeah, those are some supercool socks. Eyes on the prize, friend!

Guinifer said...

Well, the sweater swatch looks smashing!

Cecilia said...

when you get to start those most amazing sox, you will have a most amazing sweater finished - nice!

Rani said...

Cool socks. Are you sure . . .

Just kidding. Go to town on that sweater, woman. It will be fabulous.

ps. the word verification is "lazie" tee hee

trek said...

I saw the Skew and thought that this was a very cool mathematical approach to a sock. Wonder how comfortable they would be?