Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Gifts Part 1

Still a busy little beaver around here. I managed to finish my Starter training for USA Swimming this past weekend so I am now officially a Starter. Thank you very much.

Thankfully, our homeschool academy wrapped up it's Fall Semester and we have one less activity on the calendar for the time being. I taught Beginning Knitting and it was a blast. This group of young girls was an exciting group.

Finally, still frantically knitting away on Christmas gifts. Alas, the FO I have to show today has been long anticipated and will NOT be a surprise on Christmas morning. But Airman is very happy with it. In fact, he is sleeping under it nightly.
Nothing like having a knitted gift be thoroughly appreciated by the recipient. One down, 6 or more to go. Yikes!


Rani said...

What a great blanket! That is quite an FO. I think it should count as several...

trek said...


Oops, sorry. Congrats.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I'm not going to get my knitting finished for Xmas, but that's just how it is - I am making a wee neckwarmer for my daughter out of merino and silk. At least it's summer here!

Ellen said...

Starter training, eh? You do know I'm a master swimmer right? But I do have a few form "eccentricities" that I might need to consult you about someday.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and your New Year is peaceful!