Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another long gap

Well, my well-laid plans have gone the way of those of both mice and men. But I am still here and kicking. I know I promised some pictures of FO's but everytime I pull the camera out, the battery is dead. Lacking any initiative and drive, I simply put it back, instead of plugging it in. Blame the grey, gloomy weather . . . blame the deep cold that has settled around here . . . blame whatever. I am just too blase' to care.
What is more, the knitting mojo seems to headed south with the birds. Instead of dreaming of cashmere and alpaca, knitting cozily way in front of a warm fire and sipping hot cocoa, I find my waking (and a few sleeping) hours consumed with plans for spring gardening. Yes, folks, I am completely backwards in the hobby mojo department.
However, I refuse to let the 40" of snow in my gardens deter me when I'm in the throes of garden fever. I have been pouring over the seed catalogs online, ordering flower and vegetable seeds willy-nilly. I've set up the grow light and ordered my sterile seedling mix. I've purchased and potted some new houseplants. I purchased and set up a little greenhouse unit in the porch to house the future seedlings. And I started a little herb garden for use in the kitchen.
And today, I filled some trays with potting mix and started the first round of seeds for spring planting. I have a flat of Giant Pansies in purple and gold all tucked up in it's black plastic tent and warming nicely in the dark. I have Marigolds and Zinnias and Lobelia set up under the grow light in their mini greenhouse and I even started some peppers and tomato plants to get a jump on the harvest season this year.
I also joined the American Horticulture Society, with the thought of becoming a Master Gardener someday.
Yes, I feel triumphant because I am overcoming winter. Yes, there may be 4 feet of snow on the ground. Yes, there are months before the first blades of spring bulbs pierce the frozen tundra. Yes, it is colder than a witches nether regions outside. But I will have flowers soon.
Mwahahaha! Who knows, maybe I'll feel energized enough to actually charge the camera and take pictures of the new baby plants.
(Any bets on whether the knitting mojo strikes right about the time I should be transplanting stuff outside?)


Guinifer said...

I'd say the odds are pretty good.

Ellen said...

Man, you are way ahead of the curve! I just placed my order for these:


Although, I can't believe that I'm in area 4.

Maybe we can trade plants someday!