Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Joining a new KAL

Well, even more proof that I'm a weak woman. I gave in and joined the Hockey Knitter's Knitalong, although I should really admit that I have no time for charity knitting right now. But The Mother Bear Project is really one I've wanted to get involved with for a long time. One of my favorite LYS has been actively involved, so I have an easy way to deliver my goods, not to mention an excellent excuse to visit the shop from time to time. Talk about motivation to finish a few bears.

I have no picture to show of my latest FO, only because it was finished in a hurry and delivered, pronto. A friend broke her ankle on Friday, had surgery on Saturday, was home on Sunday in a cast. So I started knitting Sunday night, fulled on Monday morning and delivered on Monday evening a still slightly damp toecozy. I'm hoping my friend will snap a photo of it in use and e-mail it to me, so I can post it on my blog later.

I adapted the felted clog pattern by eliminating the bottom portion of the clog and just casting on the full number of stitches needed for the top portion of the clog. I knit two rows then made two YO button holes in one end and knit 2 more rows before starting the top portion of the clog. I ended the top portion of the clog about halfway up and bound it off. I then picked up a few stitches under the front portion of the clog and knit a little lip, picking up stitches at each side by and k2tog with last stitch, making sure that I didn't increase the total number of stitches, since it only needed to cup underneath the edge of the toes and the cast a little. After it was finished, I embroidered three little roses and some chainstitched leaves, just to dress it up a little.

Well, off to my crazy running day. Ta-ta.

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Sheepish Annie said...

A toe cosy! What a great idea! I hope your friend gets a picture...that would just make my day!