Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Favorite Chair

Here is my little knitting world. My old recliner, inherited from my FIL, which perfectly fits my kinks. The side table, with enough room for my tea and snacks and all the clutter that knitting requires. The knitting companion that warms my lap without attacking my yarn or needles (unless they get too feisty - then swift and stern discipline is needed and expected). My DS snapped this pic Sunday evening as I worked away on yet another Christmas gift. I'd been there for several hours and it was a blissful, Sabbath rest for me and I am so thankful for these brief breaks of peace in my hectic schedule. (I think Koda enjoys them, too. She was completely sacked out!)

I also teach school from this recliner most days, since our basement school room is a little chilly right now. We haven't rezoned our heating system yet, so we're still schooling on the main level until we get the settings right and it's more comfortable downstairs. I wish I could clone this chair, though, and have one in every room of my house. Being a short person, having a chair with the right seat depth and arm rests that don't hitch my shoulders up to my earlobes and a neck pillow that is actually behind my neck and not hitting me in the back of the head is such a blessing. It's a great chair for snuggling little ones with books, too. When the older ones need help, a foot stool is pulled along side and books are placed on the arm rest and we can work together. I love this chair!

If I were a poet, I think I would write an ode to the perfect chair. But I'm not, so I'll just settle for this blog entry and head off to school my kids with a thankful heart and remember to send a little note to my FIL this week by way of remembering his sweetness in sending my favorite chair into my life.


livnletlrn said...

Ohhh, favorite chair, how I long for thee. I actually dismantled my favorite chair back in February, fer crying out loud, with a goal of reupholstering its sorry but well loved old self. Unfortunately, it's been waiting for me to get my act together ever since then. Now that we're reading more, it's really making me sad that I can't use it, so maybe reupholstery is a skill coming up soon on my to-learn list.

Sheepish Annie said...

I got to feeling all sleepy and snuggly just looking at you and the kitty in the chair! I'm not sure I'd get much knitting done...