Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another great hockey day

Quick post to let you know the boys won another nailbiter. They beat the team that beat them last Sunday to advance to the next round of the playoffs. Hockeyboy managed to get another assist in the 5 to 4 win. The team plays again tomorrow night and Tuesday night.

In late breaking knitting news, Rose's Wrist Warmers were bound off on the commute home from the hockey game. Some tails to weave in and then photos to shoot and I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow.

I need to get some socks on the needles before tomorrow night. What is hockey without a project in tow?


Guinifer said...

Go HB!

You have made amazing progressing, I think your UFO malaise is all in your head!

Guinifer said...

Cast on some of that STR!

Puck's hockey is done on the 10th. They don't have playoffs for Squirts (as you probably know), so they're playing their arch-enemies on Saturday afternoon (one of the other EP Squirt C teams - they have some coaching induced cheapness issues - and our kids are itching to win against them.) They're having their team party on Saturday night and then we're done. In the meantime, we have hockey Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Music lessons tonight, and school conferences for the Intermediate school on Tuesday and the High School on Wednesday. DH is leaving for Montana on Thursday morning - so yea - crazy week.