Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Class Act

The knitting mojo has returned, albeit a bit slowly. It took Socks that Rock yarn and Monkey to do it.

I have a few inches to knit before closing the toe and seem to have plenty of yarn, so working from the cuff down has not resulted in a yarn catastrophe, hives, earthquakes or any of the other disasters that I suspected might occur if I deviated from my usual toe-up routine.

This is a fabulous pattern, easy to memorize and with enough elasticity to give me great hopes of staying up nicely once finished. The STR is dyed in a fun pattern, with nice striping and minimal pooling, with no really obnoxious blobs, which are my only serious frustration with randomly painted yarns. The yarn looks especially cool in the slip stitch pattern on the heel, which is leading to some serious thought on attempting an entire sock in a slip stitch pattern with this type of yarn.

On the hockey front, I have to report a really wonderful thing. Last night, our team ended up playing the same team that we played when Hockeyboy received his match penalty. After the game, the parents of the boy that was involved in the kicking call sought HB out and told him how sorry they were about the call and the penalty that he received and how unfair they thought it was that he was getting such a raw deal. Friends, I cried. This was a beautiful, classy piece of encouragement to give a kid before he heads into his disciplinary hearing. No matter how the hearing turns out, the support HB has gotten from his coach, the Association, his team and now the parents of the kid he supposedly tried to kick has made it clear to me that there are some great people in hockey. He's going to keep playing, no matter what. And I'm going to keep cheering!

(Our boys took 4th place, losing their last two games. Losing HB may have affected them, although we'll never know. They deserve a lot of credit, though, for moving up from the 12th seed to 4th in the district. Well done, Hawks!)


CyndieO said...

I did a search for lazy eye and found your site. I too have a daughter with lazy eye (no strabismus) and a christian too..
If you would like some info feel free to email me. She hated the sticky patch so we got some cool ones that she wears over her glasses. She has to patch 4 hours a day.
Also I would suggest you go to a pediatric optometrist. the vision therapy can be costly as insurance doesnt cover it. Email if you would like. Cyndie

Sheepish Annie said...

I truly believe that people will rise to the occasion when needed. I'm so glad that the parents of the other boy had the grace to step forward on this one.

Your socks look great!!! STR is really a super yarn for substantial socks that wear like iron and still look good.

Carrie said...

Wow! That is some colorful yarn.

Good to hear your son is surrounded by encouragement. Tell him he must keep playing...he may be the next Marion Gaborik!

Guinifer said...

Your Monkeys look awesome! As many times as I've worried about it, I never seem to actually run out of yarn when I'm knitting a pair of socks.

Sorry to hear they wouldn't re-think HB's suspension. I'm sure he was sad. But at least he got to see some goodness out of people. Hope his hearing goes well.

Guinifer said...

Hey Lorraine - send me your snail mail address and you can have some golden yarn - I'm sure hockeboy could help you find some purple to use it with!!!