Friday, September 07, 2007


I am still in love. It is an enduring love that will see me through until the end of time I finish it. I have no doubts that the Dickinson Pullover will be completed and worn with pride.

But realistically, you all should have known that I wouldn't necessarily stay true to my first love. While I am an absolute believer in marital fidelity (adulterers should be shot), such faithfulness to one knitting project is just not in my nature. Were not the moniker "Yarn Harlot" already taken, it would be my alias, for, alas, that is what I am.

Therefore, while still in the throes of first passion with Dickinson, this little item caught my eye.
Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket.

Always up for a fling, I whipped out some coned Mary Lu's Schuss Plus wool from my stash and cast on. This was a short-lived affair, with cast on beginning on Friday and casting off beginning on Monday. However, due to the start of our school year, it took me several days of "a minute here, a minute there" knitting to complete the cast off process. After all, by the time you reach the last rows of this knit-in-the-round project, there are over 500 stitches on the needles. And the looped edge cast off, while fun and interesting to do, was very time consuming.

It is such a typical story - meet someone on Friday, spend a passionate weekend and then a rather messy, week long break-up to end the affair.

But at least I'll always have my memories. And a great throw.


Guinifer said...

Seriously? You made that in a weekend? Color me impressed, fling or no fling.

Carissa said...

It looks great! I've made the pattern as a doily, but not as a throw. I really like the color too!

Rani said...

tee hee hee hee. You crack me up!

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, if you're going to have a fling it should be with something as lovely as a that throw. I'd say it was worth straying from the path for that particular FO!!!

livnletlrn said...

Oh, that color is absolutely delicious. I'm still slogging away on mine, a little here, a little there. Might be done in the next week or so. And believe it or not, it's been my only project of late. This new computer is wonderful but getting myself established on it is a big time-suck.

Neener neener :-P~~~~ to you for casting on after me and casting off before me! You're one kick butt knittin' mama, that's for sure! :-)

trek said...

It looks as small as a doily with nothing for comparison but the Brooklyn Tweed says hers if almost 4' in diameter. Is yours, too?

It is really pretty.

Guinifer said...

Hey Lorraine - My comments are e-mailed to me, but I can't e-mail back to you so I thought I'd come and comment again.

I think the Battle of the Bands is at the barn at Riley Lake Park. I'll check with the Teenager for sure though.

Tonyia said...

how big IS that puppy?! It's gorgeous! I admire your FAST work.