Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random thoughts

It has been a very wild and woolly week - literally.

The school routine is just beginning to become just that - routine. We are still not getting all the subjects covered for the little girls yet but it is getting more streamlined every day and we should, with some luck and grace, start history and science next week. I have gotten so far that I actually had a little fiber time during the school day. Yay!

I dug out more wool and started a new project . . . yes, I know, yet another affair, while still carrying on with Dickinson. I am steadily working on Dickinson but it is becoming quite mindless and I was looking for a new challenge for those times when I was just plain bored with my first love. While I love the fact that this rather complex looking pattern was so easily memorized, it does leave me longing for something along the lines of "extreme knitting".

And to compound the increasing faithlessness, I picked up some wool yarn today on clearance at Joann's to start mittens for the girls. All the wool was very Spring/Easter/Pastel-ish, so Hockeyboy will not be getting anything out of this batch of yarn but the colors will look fabulous with thrums of brighter primary colored rovings that are languishing in the stash. Hockeyboy will have to settle for the charcoal grey yarn/black thrum combo that is also cluttering up the stash already. Stay tuned for photos in the next post.

And on a truly positive note, the DH and I went out on a date last night. A real, live date, don'cha know! We went out for Thai food, which we both love and then we wandered through an office supply store, looking for some storage and organization items to make school a little more manageable. It was so nice to have some grown-up conversation, without quarrelling kids and rampant environmental chaos. What a blessing!

To quote Hockeyboy's favorite catch phrase, "Good times, good times!"


Sheepish Annie said...

Glad it's all starting to come together. You'll have to tell me your secret. I have an assistant in my classroom and still have a bit of the chaos raining down upon me most days!

Guinifer said...

I am liking Hockeyboy more and more every day, even if I'd only recognize him from his socks!