Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Should I jump on the bandwagon?

Oh my goodness. I am so tired. Today was the first day back at a full homeschool schedule and I feel like that little puddle of goo left over after having a steam roller flatten you.

Since Sheepish Annie instituted the Bullet Point Wednesday when she was taking a night class, a few of her readers have started implementing their own versions of this brilliant blogging solution. I'm nothing if not a "joiner", so here goes my version of this stream-of-consciousness style, even though it is not Wednesday yet.
  • I have a six year old whom I do not understand. This child spent the better part of 3 hours last night doing somersaults. I first observed this phenomenon in my bedroom, where I discovered my bed (completely stripped of pillows, blankets and sheets) being used as somersault central. Being somewhat amused (and knowing it was high time to change the sheets anyway), I sat down and just watched. This girl rolled from the top of the bed, to the bottom of the bed and then back flipped off the end of the bed onto the pile of pillows, blankets and sheets on the floor. Then she did it again . . . and again . . . and again. For 3 episodes of Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel (it was a marathon), this repetitive motion occurred.
  • A few hours later, after supper, I sat down in my favorite knitting chair and noticed that more somersaulting was taking place. This time a back flip over the arm of the love seat, a full backwards somersault across the length of the love seat, then a back flip over the other arm of the love seat, into a handstand and a quick flip to a 3-point landing. A quick rotation and another somersault over the footstool and onto the chair, then a back somersault back off of the footstool to another nailed landing. A double-time sprint to the end of the love seat and the ritual started again. Another 1.5 hours of flipping transpired, while various and sundry family members wandered in to watch in bemused awe this amazing display of perpetual motion.
  • This almost obsessive-compulsive situation would alarm me more if she didn't have a mother who has similar tendencies regarding knitting and other fiber arts.
  • I wonder if there is a way to harness such boundless energy and convert it to electricity. After all, our electric bill has been horrendous the past few months and we could use a cheap, inexhaustible source of energy around here.
  • It is hot outside. I actually burned the soles of my feet running out to the mailbox this afternoon. Which is why our electric bill is so durned high.
  • I'm so glad I don't have to teach in a school without air conditioning. Today would have been miserable, had I not had my luxurious, high-priced, air-conditioned "school house."
  • Did I mention I'm tired?
  • Someone asked where I learned to cable without the cable needle. I actually learned from an episode of Knitty Gritty with Annie Modesitt as the featured guest. I'm a total dive in there and learn from books, videos and internet person. I've never taken a knitting class in my life but am basically self-taught.
  • In all honesty, a friend did show me how to do magic loop knitting but since I didn't pay her, does that count as a "class?" And I signed up for a sock knitting class years ago but it was cancelled, so that wouldn't count either, right?
  • HGTV's schedule has changed and now Knitty Gritty will only be on once a week. I'm going to miss my morning ritual of knitting with Vickie Howell and friends.
  • Golly, I'm so tired. Is anything remotely coherent coming out of my mind anymore?

For those of you who know me well may wonder at the complete lack of comments on fiber art production. Well, although there was significant progress on a brand new, never before blogged project over the weekend, I didn't manage to finish it before the start of our little homeschool today and it just won't photograph well in its current state. And there is the little issue that not one stitch of knitting, sewing, crocheting or even mending took place today. Between introducing a new curriculum to all four kids and doctoring a very sick Hockeyboy, there wasn't a minute to even pick up the needles. :-(

Alas, I hope this is NOT a sign of the year to come. I'm already suffering from fiber withdrawal symptoms and it's only been 24 hours.

Must. Fondle. Fiber. NOW!


Ellen said...

Perhaps you could get one of those generator hookups for a bike on a trainer like Channel 4 had the state fair? I already have the trainer and the bike and I would seriously contemplate that for Youngest Child. He starts Pre-K at a local Montessori School this week and he already has YARDS of energy more than I do!

Guinifer said...

Does that baby girl do gymnastics? Sounds like the place for her! Can't wait to see that new project.

trek said...

Put them all to bed early and pick up the sticks. How can you be a teacher all day long if you can't rejuvenate yourself?

That or give them reading to do and tell them you need a potty break - where you will secretly sneak in a round or two on the sock that you hid in the linen closet.

Sheepish Annie said...

Bullet points are fun! I do love a good "randomy" sort of post. I'm also wondering if your daughter might be in gymnastics? Sounds like she'd be a natural...