Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm running out of clever titles

With all the updates here at Costume Central, it's hard to come up with new headings. Bear with me if I get boring and repetitive.

However, here is the latest installment in the ongoing sewing saga. Two little bonnets for two sweet little girls.

I have to admit, these took more time than the dresses. All the trim needed be be hand sewn, including a wire around the brims to stiffen them, which were then covered with braid. Very futzy, putzy work but the result turned out to be worth it. My fingers are a bit raw, though. Gotta find my favorite leather thimble before I make my own bonnet. Ouch!

I also finished the petticoats and bloomers for the girls. Everything the girls need are finished now, so I'm on to my own costumes.

On that front, I did manage to finish my chemise and have cut out one of the three dresses I need for my characters. I also whipped up a little more crocheted lace to trim one of my dresses (I haven't decided which one yet) and have finished the drawstring bag. Next post, I'll show the finished bag in all it's glory and maybe even a little bit of lace.

Gotta charge the camera, first, though. Seems Hockeyman has found a new passion and he keeps using up the memory card and battery of our digital camera. Hmmm, guess what he wants for Christmas . . .


Guinifer said...

Hey we have a tournament out in Chaska Thanksgiving weekend (Puck's Peewee C team). Will you and Hockeyman be around?

I have to confess as a youngster who read a lot of Victorian era fiction - I pined for a bonnet of my own.

livnletlrn said...

Really? You MADE those?! They are stellar. So *finished* and crisp! Wow.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow. Those are amazing! I have read up a little bit on millinery and I have a general idea how challenging it can be. Nice work!!!

Ellen said...

I love those bonnets! I have the recent "Northanger Abbey" dvd and she wears absolutely lovely bonnets. I think I'd get booed by my girls for wearing a beret, let alone a bonnet but I love them!