Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let the Dancing in the Streets Commence!

I'm deep in the last minute world of A Christmas Carol technical work. Hours of costuming, set work and everything else that goes into a large production is keeping me from posting about all the exciting things that are going on around here.

However, I did have to let my friends know that Hockeyman has completed his try-outs for the High School hockey team and received word today.

He has earned a spot on the J.V. squad!

He has worked so hard all these years on improving his skills with making the H.S. team as his long term goal. I am thrilled that he has had this dream come true and will keep you posted as to how the season progresses.

Woot! I'm now returning to my regularly scheduled happy dancing.


Tonyia said...

Isn't it wonderful when hard work pays off? Great work! YAY!

And YOUR hard work is paying off, too.
I'm so impressed with all your seamstress work. It's all so authentic - your historical accuracy is definitely showing!

livnletlrn said...

Oh, he must be overjoyed. You ALL must be overjoyed! Have a GREAT season!

Guinifer said...

Congrats in a huge way to Hockeyman!

Sheepish Annie said...

Congratulations Hockeyman!!! Nice work!

RandomRanter said...

Yay, Hockeyman!

Kellie-Ann said...

Tell him I said Congrats!