Sunday, November 30, 2008

No photos but . . .

The first dress rehearsal came off . . . well, with a few hitches.

First hitch, I forgot the camera, so someone could snap some photos of my costumes in all their glory. I'm hoping tomorrow will go a bit smoother and I'll remember the camera. So stay tuned for photos.

Second hitch, I managed to pull a drawstring out of my Fezziwig dress, leaving me with a repair to be made before tomorrow's dress rehearsal. I was supposed to wear that dress to a promotional performance this evening but had to switch to my Wealthy Victorian Woman costume instead. Not a big deal at all but driving to and from the event in a full crinoline and corset was a bit awkward.

Third hitch, Dancing Diva managed to slip and fall on the stairs in our garage and has a massive bruise forming on her hip. She's finding it difficult to walk and I'm very worried about her ability to perform for the next few days. Time will tell . . .

Obviously, I did manage to finish all the pieces I had on my to do list, although I still want to make some minor alterations to a few things (adding lace to petticoats, making a few alterations to make things fit better, sewing hooks on skirts - that kind of stuff). I also would like to make a jacket for the Middle Class Victorian Woman costume, but won't push it too much this week. If it doesn't get done, I'll cope.

Well, off to fix dinner and do a few chores. The DH is making a valiant effort not to let things fall too far behind but, since he's out in the cold putting up Christmas lights, I should step up and get a few things done, too.

Or I could take a nap. Oh so tempting!


Guinifer said...

I'm really looking forward to those pictures. Hope DD heals quick!

livnletlrn said...

My fave: the Fezziwig ball gown. Those lace accents MAKE it. My kids came into the room as I was looking at the pics and they were both so impressed that I showed them the parade of other sewing/lacy FOs of late. Both duly impressed!