Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Photos, Finally

Sorry for the poor photo quality. The lighting was very low on the set and I had to do a little monkeying with the brightness and such to get a little detail.

Photo 1: Middle Class Victorian Woman

Photo 2: Fezziwig Ball Gown

Photo 3: Weathy Victorian Woman

The green shawl and bonnet are used with the Fezziwig Ball Gown in another scene as well. Nothing like multiple-use accessories.

Only comment I have to make - in spite of the corset taking 4" off my waist measurement, the crinoline still makes me look huge! Gah!

No time to post more. The house is a shambles, we have another rehearsal tonight and I have to leave shortly to get Hockeyman to the rink to catch the team bus to tonight's game.


Sheepish Annie said...

Amazing workmanship! I'm speechless...

Guinifer said...

ABSOLUTELY fabulous!

Hey - were you and your cherubs in EP yesterday? Around 5-ish, in the Kowalski's strip mall? I was in my burgundy Jeep and saw a family with a teen boy, and three girls get into a Toyota van and I was smiling away - could've sworn it was you!

How did the boys do in their game?

Rani said...

WHOOHOO! What a show! Your costumes were gorgeous and your Cotney accent was spot on!