Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Final FO for '08

Merry Christmas to me. After the last minute spate of holiday gift making, I decided to do a little selfish knitting this past weekend. The results - a new pair of Maine Morning Mitts and a big, slouchy tam (of my own design) to match.

You may recognize the yarn. It happens to be the leftovers of Malabrigo from the Tweedy Vest I finished this summer. And I have just a little bit left and am experimenting with squeeking out a tiny neck warmer. It's looking pretty unlikely that I'll have quite enough yarn to finish it but the ol' grey matter is percolating some design options for making it stretch.

However, given the fact that Hockeyman's birthday is tomorrow (yup, he's a New Years Eve baby) and I have a to-do list of epic proportions to get through before his party guests start arriving tomorrow, I think I can officially dub these items as the Final FO's of '08.

Oh, and if you didn't notice it in the photo, it's snowing - again. After all, it is hockey season in Minnesota and my men are up in Hibbing this week for a hockey tournament. So of course there is going to be significant snow fall, just to make driving home an adventure.

Glad I stayed home to knit clean house.

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Guinifer said...

We had a horrific drive home from the cabin this weekend!
Love the tam. Very nice.