Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm goin' to Shepherd's Harvest


Registered right after midnight on the 15th, just because I'm anxious to get into my first choices. And just a wee bit too excited to fall asleep, anticipating another great weekend of fibery stuff.

On Saturday, I'll be in the Luxury American Fiber's spinning class all day. It will be a great chance to hone my spinning skills on some more exotic fibers and prepare me to handle more difficult fibers on my own.

On Sunday afternoon, I'll be in the Novelty Yarn's spinning class. More fun spinning experience. Yay!

Oh, and I'm staying in a hotel in Stillwater Saturday night. One with a jacuzzi. It's going to be SWEEET! One whole weekend to myself, doing what I love.

I'm really hoping to hook up with some Ravelry mates and some old friends at Shepherd's Harvest, so let me know if you'll be there.

In other news, I am nearly done with Dancing Diva's Christmas Present. I am hoping I can finish it tomorrow. Since it was a big weekend for hockey, I managed to knit quite a bit while watching some High School playoff hockey (WTG! Eden Prairie Eagles! I saw both the playoff games and E.P. rocked!), Minnesota Wild hockey (gah, they lose in overtime - again.) and the Gophers beat St. Cloud to go to the WCHA Final Five (Woot!).

In related news, Hockeyman has been signed up for a spring league, so he'll be starting hockey again on Thursday. In the meantime, he got a job at a local grocery store and will be starting his training on Monday. It'll be a big week for the HM. For those who have asked, at this point, he fully intends to return to the High School hockey team in the fall, since the young men managed to mend their ways for the remainder of the season. He just loves the sport too much to let some jerks keep him from playing hockey. We'll just have to see how next year goes.

Well, the adreneline rush is fading and so am I. Nighty, night all you fiber artists and friends!


livnletlrn said...

Is DD's nearly finished Christmas present for 2008 or 2009? ;-)

Woot on the weekend away, learning and luxuriating, doing your own thing! That's going to feel soooooo good!!

Guinifer said...

You should be so proud of your boy. He's turned the other cheek and been the better man. Good for him!

On other notes - we had a houseful last night watching the games on three TV's! You can bet there were some loud cheers - the Spuds played a great tournament - and I loved that our scrappy young guys won! The Wild just have me sad.

Tonyia said...

I've got to get to that site! I haven't decided what I want to take, but I better choose quick, eh?!

Hope to see you there again!

Sheepish Annie said...

I am so jealous! Your SH weekend sounds heavenly! Enjoy every minute. You've more than earned it!