Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Yup, stole the title but it perfectly sums up a 24 hour period of time, starting Monday after hockey practice.

You see, I nearly stopped being a hockey mom this week.

Take a moment to catch your breath . . . I'll wait.

I can't blog about the details. I promised HM that I wouldn't. But there was a sleepless night, plenty of tears shed (on my part) and a very intense meeting between HM, Hubby and the coaches of the hockey team on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, HM will finish the season with the team, some rather nasty hockey locker room incidents will be suitably punished and steps will be taken to ensure HM's physical safety while at the rink. So, for the time being, I'm still a hockey mom. I've got some mixed emotions about it all but being a hockey mom means standing behind the player, 100%.

All this came on the heels of a long weekend in Red Wing at a swim tournament (which went GREAT - Bubba won a 6th place ribbon for 100 yd. backstroke - her first ribbon - WOOT), so I'm way behind on blogging about fibery pursuits.

For those who are breathlessly awaiting my announcement of which projects I took to Red Wing . . . I took the Center Medallion Sweater, Dancing Diva's Blanket and Hubby's Annual Birthday Socks. I actually finished HAB Socks and managed a few inches on DD's Blanket. I had far less knitting time than I thought I'd have. And definitely no quiet time to figure out how to recreate the pattern alterations I made to the CM Sweater's sleeve. I'm saving that project for a time when I have a few hours of peace and quiet to work it out.

I can't post a pic of the HABS - Hubby took them and immediately wore them to work the next day. He likey! I'll have to snag a photo after I wash them.

I finished another hat yesterday for the Hat Trick 2009 on Ravelry. I can post a pic but probably shouldn't. It's not a great shot (color is not accurate and look at my messy hair!) but all I have time to take at the moment. I'm still looking for a Wild logo to add to the hat and it still needs to be washed and blocked. Still, the bad photo is at least proof that something besides hockey drama is going on around here.

I'm nearly finished with the last hat for my third hat trick and will hopefully have a picture of it tomorrow.

Time to finish up a few things before driving HM to hockey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a very uneventful practice today.


Guinifer said...

Oh No. I hope HM is safe and OK.

I am convinced that hockey locker rooms can be the epitome of evil unless they are properly supervised; and I believe they are never properly supervised.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that hockey is going badly. I just hate to hear that since both you and HM have gotten so much enjoyment out of it over the years. You always do a good job of standing behind your player.

livnletlrn said...

Oh, yikes. Wishing good hockey thoughts for you all.

livnletlrn said...

p.s. It's just a game. Right?

trek said...

Any other hockey leagues available in your area?