Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Ready to Head Out

Not much knitting progress to show, yet. Still plugging away at the Annual Birthday Socks for Hubby. I have a couple inches of cuff left to knit before casting off. I also finished another preemie hat for charity this morning but since it looks exactly like the other two pink preemie hats, it's hardly worth photographing.

(I'm trying to use up the rest of the pink yarn, left over from Dancing Diva's
leg warmers. It's staggering how many preemie hats you can get out of one partial skein of Bernat's Softee yarn. Unfortunately, based on my experience, there is at least enough yarn for two more hats, if not three. Blast those bargain yarns that pack so much yarn into one skein!)

Anyway, here's my query . . . I will be out of town this weekend, starting tomorrow, for Bubba's swim meet in Red Wing. I'll have lots of extra knitting time and am trying to decide which UFO's I should take with me to finish. After all, I did make a resolution to finish three UFO's this year before casting on anything new.

(I'd really, really, really love to cast on a new project - socks, sweater vest, or maybe a big cardigan for which I already have this gorgeous yarn. Blast these New Years Resolutions!)

I have the Center Medallion Sweater, lacking a sleeve and bottom ribbing yet.

(I've forgotten how I modified the pattern for the first sleeve and it will take some figuring to reproduce it. Blast my bad note-taking ability!)

I have another Tweedy Vest in the works in this yarn.

(A fun, fast knit that makes me feel guilty when I work on it because it's the newest UFO of the bunch. Blast my over-active conscience!)

I have Dancing Diva's Blanket.

(Lots of easy garter stitch but a huge quantity of yarn to lug along. I mean LOTS - two knitting bags worth, since it is all in 1 pound skeins. Blast these large projects!)

Yarn for another hat that hasn't been started yet but would finish the Hat Trick for the Ravelry Group KAL.

(More guilt, since I've finished a total of 5 hats already, not counting the 4 preemie hats. Blast that ethnic heritage that developed this crazy guilt complex!)

Now, tell me, what would you choose to take on a 3 day weekend trip?


livnletlrn said...

I'd bring the Center Medallion. So close to the finish line! Suck it up and figure out that sleeve, woman!

Then, as a gift to yourself for being virtuous enough to stay the course and finish a WIP, move on to the Tweedy Vest. Zip zip fun!

trek said...

Take 'em all! Yarn's squishy - you can jam it all in the trunk and knit what you feel like knitting while there.

Guinifer said...

Whatever is easiest to carry around!

Sheepish Annie said...

Tweedy Vest! You'll have fun with it, it's not overly difficult and you'll maybe have an FO when the trip is done. I like having fun and being productive.

Or you could start something new....

Rani said...

I'd take them all and get nothing done . . . but that's just me.

That's a very good idea to finish up those projects. I've got a couple (achem. . . a pile) of UFO that really need some attention.