Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fly by posting

It's a big day in Minnesota. Anyone who is anyone in the State of Minnesota is reveling in the first above zero day since Monday by watching hockey. After all, it is Hockey Day Minnesota and we are the State of Hockey, doncha' know.

I'm off to watch the Gophers play hockey next (after a good afternoon of HS hockey viewing).

But I couldn't pass on showing the latest FO.

It's from the Swirly Girl Tam & Mitts pattern from an It looked like an interesting knit because of the short-rows and garter stitch stripes. And it was fun. The color isn't terribly true, but that was the best light of the day. Guess the warm front brought with it some pretty thick clouds and light flurries. Guess you can't have both heat and light in winter.

The pattern calls for a large pom pom on top. I haven't decided if I want to cover the cool center swirl with such a fluffy addition. I'll probably let Bubba decide if she wants one or not, since this is her hat.

Back to my recliner to enjoy a Gopher game now and a Wild game later. Go Minnesota!


Sheepish Annie said... pom or not to pom? I am glad it's not up to me! I don't think I could decide. I see it working with or without!

Either way, it's fabulous!!!

Gail said...

Very cool hat.

I'd put a large button on it.

livnletlrn said...

stripey fabulosity! we don't do hockey, but I'm from Pittsburgh, so I believe there will be some serious football watchin' round here today. stay warm and keep that stupid finger from harm!

Tonyia said...

Way cool hat! I've been into garter stitch myself, lately!

Guinifer said...

I wouldn't want a pom either - it's very lovely.

The Gophers were fun, but the Wild were just disheartening. Love Cal Clutterbuck, but poor Bruno!

livnletlrn said...

I was just on Ravelry and this hat popped up in the Random Assortment of Favorites on the front page!