Friday, January 30, 2009

New FO

I'm out of snappy titles for the time being. After the Great Hockey Brouhaha and a couple sleepless nights with feverish, vomiting girls, I'm not feeling particularly clever or witty. However, I do have some odds and ends to clear up on this blog.

First, a new FO to show. This is my version of the Palindrome Hat. I misread the directions and didn't stop cabling after 3 inches. So I had to improvise on the decreases at the crown. I'm not terribly pleased with the result and am considering adding a huge pom pom to the top to hide the rather wacky top. Since this is hat #6 for the Hat Trick 2009, I'm not going to do it over, since the KAL ends tomorrow.

On the other hand, this yarn is so pretty in the cabled pattern, I'm considering making another cabled project with the remaining skeins. (This yarn was the yarn I rejected for my Mom's afghan because the "no dye lot" yarn had definite color differences. I happen to have numerous skeins in the different shades to play with.) Who knows, I may make another Palindrome Hat with the correct length of cabling and decrease rows. And the matching scarf.

In Hockey News: For those who asked, it is possible to petition to have Hockeyman moved to a different school district to play hockey. It is a long and involved process because of MSHSL rules. Because in the past there were problems with kids using the Open Enrollment to switch to schools with better sports teams, they implemented a rule that makes players ineligible to play any sport for 1 calendar year after transferring to a new school. That rule applies to homeschool students as well. There is a petitioning process that can be followed to get a waiver but it is difficult to get approval unless you are transferring to a school with a team that is worse than the one you are currently on. HM is not terribly interested in transferring to a worse team at this point.

Also, due to the fact that our district is splitting into two high schools next year, they are going to be adding an additional J.V. squad next year. Given that we barely had enough kids available for two teams, the coach has asked that HM stay on the team. They will need every player (especially experienced HS players) they can get next year to field 3 H.S. teams and the coach is not likely to support the petition for HM to transfer.

At this point, HM only needs a team that is respectful of his religious beliefs, personal property and physical body. If the players can actually abide by the code of conduct contract they signed at the beginning of the season, HM has no problem with staying on the team. He doesn't expect them to be best friends, only mature adults. And since the team meeting, they have modified their behavior and we should be able to finish the season with no problems.

Now, for the bad news. My sewing machine is sick. I'm very worried, however, that this may be terminal.

Keep you fingers crossed for a miracle cure, especially since dance costume alteration season is upon me and I NEED a sewing machine.

Could this week get any worse?


livnletlrn said...

Could this week get any worse?

Sheesh, woman, talk about tempting the fates!

The stupid finger's still intact, right? I think you should knit it a kevlar sheath and wear it 24/7.

Guinifer said...

This too shall pass!!!!!

Good for HM - sounds like he's being very mature.

Sheepish Annie said...

Fingers are crossed. It is hard to knit, but I will maintain this posture until things improve! I am like a rock, here!!!