Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowy Weather and Little Blessings

While schools in our immediate vicinity have not been let out early, there was enough of the white stuff dumped on us this afternoon to get the girls a snow day from dance this evening. While most people would probably consider this a "so what" kinda thing, for me it is a little blessing (#1).

You see, I have this issue with books. When I read something that I like, I have a dickens of a time putting it down. Alas, I made the mistake of starting a book yesterday morning and I ended up spending most of the night finishing it. I managed to squeeze about 2.5 hours of sleep in this morning. To compound the stupidity of my error, Peeps had an early morning eye appointment and we just had to get up by 7 a. m. to get her out the door and to the doctor to make sure that her eye issues were still under control. (Note: They are - she is 20/20 in the good eye and 20/25 in the weak one and the crossing continues to lessen. Little blessing #2!)

I've never been so thankful in my life to have a teenage driver in the house. When I got him up and asked him to drive us to the doctor, he was eager to help. More than that, with the snow just beginning for the day, it was an opportunity for him to work on his driving-in-snow skills before he starts his behind-the-wheel training tomorrow. Even with his novice driving status, it was probably far safer with him behind the wheel, that his poor, sleep-deprived mom. Little blessing #3!

And yet, Hockeyman still has hockey (they NEVER cancel hockey in Minnesota - that would be sacreligious) and Bubba still has swimming (as of now). So I have a couple little trips to make today but not nearly as much as usual. Having taken a little nap earlier today (little blessing #4), I feel well able to deal with the two activities that remain.

As for another type of little blessing, here is a preemie hat for the KAL on Ravelry. I pray that eventually this tiny hat is a blessing to someone welcoming a wee one into the world.

Now if I could just get a good, solid night of sleep tonight, we'd move into the big blessing category.


Tonyia said...

Please tell - what book? It's always good to find a new story!

My 13 year old had her ski meet cancelled tonight due to the snow. But they're saying they'll reschedule tomorrow; when it's going to have a high temp below zero. Oh rats...

It's so nice to hear all your blessings. I love how you find all the joy in your life!

Guinifer said...

Puck's outdoor ice was canceled!

Hockey! Canceled!

trek said...

Remember your Stupid Finger? I have right now a Stupid Finger and a Stupid Thumb :on the same hand (dominant hand, of course). Dumb winter dryness causes cracking and bleeding and, well, let's talk of something else.

We so hear you on the Reading All Night to Finish a Good Book and Feeling Like Dreck the Entire Next Day.

And we continue to do it ;o)

Rani said...

It's wonderful that you can find so many silver linings in your cloud. . . . what cloud!??!

I'm off to check out that premie knit-along. Guinifer has been busy, too!


Sheepish Annie said...

It's those little blessings that keep us going, isn't it? How nice that you have a son who is willing to take up the driving duties!

Now get some sleep!!!