Friday, January 09, 2009

You just can't keep a good woman down!

Well, the Stupid Finger is coming along nicely. Because I splinted and kept the blasted thing dry and clean for 2 days, I've got a good seal on the wound and have graduated from the full finger splint to a regular band-aid with some sports tape wrapped around it while knitting and doing other things that might irritate or open it back up.

I have to admit, I must have knicked the bone pretty good because it is ridiculously tender and sore. It actually hurts more than the avulsion fracture of the middle finger back in June.

All that to say that I'm back to my regular knitting style and have knocked off a quick preemie hat for the Hat Trick 2009 and k3tog PHK group on Ravelry. My next goal is to finish the Fair Isle Tam this weekend, before returning to the preemie hats.

Once January ends, I'll have to get back to my usual New Years Resolution of finishing off 3 UFO's before casting on anything new. Definitely should NOT be a problem finding plenty of projects to finish, since I think the UFO's have been breeding and multiplying in the basket. They are overflowing and threatening to overrun the house.

I just hope they don't start plotting a coup. Yikes!


livnletlrn said...

Wow, that really didn't take long for you to be able to get back to knitting again. Good for you! Or at least good for your attitude and outlook, I would think!

Tis preemie hat season, I guess. Leah made 5 last wk, here's yours on the blog, and our LYS is having a preemie hat knitalong weekend today and tomorrow.

Guinifer said...

Your preemie hats are so much more "delicate" than mine! Hmmph. Only boys at my house, I guess.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm glad to hear that the finger is doing well. And the hat is quite darling! But be careful of those UFOs! They are very tricky and can sneak up on ya!

Ellen said...

That is a cute hat even if your finger gave you the dickens . . . I am working on three UFO's also - only inches at a time in my case.

Tonyia said...

If your finger still hurts like crazy after a week, you maybe should have it looked at. Especially if you feel you hit the bone. I'd hate to see you get a bone infection? Really! Remember how your finger turned out to be so much worse than you thought? I think you have an incredible pain tolerance (well, as a mother you SHOULD!), and tend to take care of everyone else. Now, take care of YOU!