Monday, August 16, 2010

Gah! Record-breaking gap in posts!

I knew it had been awhile since I posted but I had no idea it was almost 6 weeks. I am so ashamed! What a loser blogger I am!

Okay, I'm not that upset. Life just has a way of getting in the way of the fun stuff. After all, even Super Mom can't juggle absolutely EVERYTHING.

I have been crafting. Not as much as I'd like. Not nearly enough. But in the dribs and drabs of time that the kids' crazy schedule will allow. And I've been learning some new skills as well - like canning. All the fresh produce at the farmers' markets around here has inspired me to try and capture some of it for winter. Anyway, here is a synopsis of what's I've been working on.

Finished Objects: Diagonal Lace Socks (#6 in TUSKAUFOFE), canned 5 pints of strawberry jam and 5 pints of Zesty Salsa and 4 trays of peach puree ice cubes (great for the morning protein shakes) and 5 pints of frozen peach puree.

Almost Finished Objects: Drop Stitch Pleated Tank (about 10 more rows and this baby is off the needles) and Easy Drop Stitch Scarf (the latest UFO to be resurrected for TSKAUFOFE).

Newly Started Object: Shetland Pi Shawl for KAL on Wendy Knits. I've been a follower of Wendy Knits for years and when this little KAL popped up, it was just the thing to get my knitting mojo back on track.

I also warped my little mini loom to make some coasters for the family room. More on the weaving progress later.
Well, it's pretty hard to sum up 6 weeks of insanity in just a few paragraphs. But I need to go get Peeps from dance studio now and you all will just have to stay tuned for more details.
(Whooosh - Super Mom wisks away for another dramatic rescue of a Damsel in Distress {i.e. Peeps, who is STARVING after 2 hours of dance class}.)


livnletlrn said...

ooh, pretty pi!

Guinifer said...

Welcome back t the blogging world!

Rani said...

Hooray! You're back. And knitting like a madwoman. Love the shawl - I'm knitting one in a similar colorway. Great minds . . .

Ellen said...

Like that Pi Shawl -it's been tempting me for a while.